Hello charming man I noticed your email address on your country dating site. A great while I did not venture to write to you. What is your opinion about the woman that sends a letter to guy premier? Is it ok for you? In ordinary life, I am furthermore timid. You can call me Tanya. I live in Russia and I am thirty-four. my specialization is a dentist of the uttermost category and it is a practice in a large private clinic in my region. I labor most of the time as many clients rely on me. Sometimes I carry out complicated surgery to full reinstate the jaw after an accident. I possess 3 diplomas for proficient training of a dentist in other nations. I labored insistenly and thus could not create durable relationship. At the moment I ventured to search out for a partner who will be honest with me and provide me all the attention and tenderness! The last relations I had ended 1 year ago and all along I attempted to find a partner on dating pages. But I met barely sick guys who wants only sexual intercourse and nude pictures. I hope that you are not such a man and you are sincerely concerned about a long-term relationship. In case you are not ready for this, then I ask you not to answer this mail. If you react me, in this case in my next letter I will let you know more about my lifestory. If you decide to send me an e-mail, I plead you to relate me where you live, your town name and your hobbies. I really want to learn more about you. I promise that I will always reply you and tell you a lot about myself.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox: tanyafurss@yandex.com

I am sending you my photo and do hope you like me. Expecting for the next letter as fast as possible, Tatyanchik!


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