I hope this mail meets you in good health.
I am privileged and much delighted to reach you once again after all these while. It takes destiny and courage to remember a good friend like you and at the same time to show gratitude to you despite those unfavorable circumstances that disrupted our transaction which ultimately did not work out as we had projected then.

Dear, the good news is that I'm happy to inform you about my success in securing my inheritance with the special assistance of a French businessman who base in Senegal that catered for other logistics. I resigned last week and i considered it an obligation and humanitarian duty to compensate you, because everybody have his/her bad experiences in life but as a soldier is not easy at all but being there in Libya is something i want to forget and get married because it was like living in hell.

However, i did not forget your past efforts. Sorry i wasn't able to reach you before joining my partner,because everything was done in haste but i signed an International draft cheque of $250,000.00 ( Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States of American Dollars) in your name which was lodged into Master Visa Card for you to be able to be withdrawing the money in any ATM Machine worldwide. I gave the Visa Card to Mr Jacob Tyler ,to post to you whenever you contact him.Mr Jacob Tyler of DHL POST office branch director in Dakar- Senegal.,so i left the Visa Card with him before leaving Senegal to my fiance home country France for our project.

Contact him through his details below :

His name is : ............... Mr Jacob Tyler 
Email : ................  
Phone Number................... + 2217031909

Send him your full names, address and phone number and inform him that i ask you to contact him for the Visa Card and he will send it to you. I hope you read this email soon and contact the Mr Jacob Tyler because this might be my last email to you since i was warned by my fiance not to communicate with you again because him and i will soon get married. I wish you good luck and i believe that this money will be useful to you because i am giving it to you with all my heart.
Your friend,
Sgt theresavail    

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