Hi stranger. I want to see how much you interesting in search and familiarity with new and wonderful lady? My name is Marina. I am hope to your like my image. I am also find person with which my life will quiet and wonderful. I am very merry, kindly and positive girl. But I still alone and very tired of such life. So I go to a dating site and get you email. In fact, I'm finding for real man for a serious friendship and even marriage in future. The most important is my purpose I want to search a companion for my solitary life! I very much hope that you are just such a person. I'll be happy if we will find our common interests and our meeting is most wonderful moment in our future life. I do not know how you are interested in continuing our dialogue therefore in more detail I'll write about me later.

Interested? Please write ONLY to my regular e-mail: ultramarinchik@outlook.com

I will wait for your answer! See you later, Marinusechka!

Hello, it is Marina. I wrote to you yesterday and sent the photo. Did
you receive my letter for you? Tell why you did not answer me?
Something did not suit you in me? Or you look for something else?
Perhaps I wrote something wrong. Explain to me please why you did not
want to meet me? I hope you find my letter and write for me several
lines. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Your Marina...

I worry that you did not write to me absolutely today. Why? I am not
pleasant to you any more? I something told not that or offended you?
Answer me. I think, this any misunderstanding and I could not write
you something bad. I appreciate you and I want communication. You were
pleasant to me and I could not push away you. Write to me what
occurred. It can be simply busy you? I look forward to hearing from
you. I kiss.

Your Marina...

Hello xxx!
Forgive me to answer your letter late. But your letter There was in a
basket (spam). I do not know, why it has occurred. Perhaps, These are
some an error... Probably, my filter of e-mail It is adjusted
incorrectly. Now all is normal. I have added your address to «To good
mail», the list. And we can easy continue To communicate... If you
want? I think, that you wish me to learn. If You did not want me the
nobility, you would not write to me. Correctly?
I am glad, that you have written to me. I hope, that in the future we
will be very much Good friends, and we can also many other
things...... A little I will tell about myself. My name is -
Marina. To me of 32 years. . I live in Russia, in the city
of Surgut if it is interesting to you, you can look in Google pictures
of my city. It is very beautiful city. I do not know what to tell In
my first letter, because I the beginner in this business. It something
New and unusual to me. I hope, you are not too strict to mine To
errors. English is not my native language, but I consider, that I know
it well.
I have found your e-mail, through dating agency "Cupidon". Why I
write to you and at once I give this information. The answer is
simple. That further there were no questions in our communications. On
it I will write to you fairly. "I do not know, how agency have found
your address". I have given to dating agency of a few money and the
information. After the done operation. Agency to me has given yours
email. Here so I have found you. Today I will not write much. It is
simply interesting to me to learn your thoughts On this question. I
wish to know, what you search on this site???? Serious relations or
simple flirtation? I hope, you the serious person. After all that site
serves only for search of serious partners. I Wished to learn you.
Tell to me something about itself..... Also ask that You wish to learn
about me? I hope, you have not got tired to read my letter.....
I will send you some of my photos. I hope, you also will send
To me the photo.

Many kisses xoxxxxx...
Your new friend Marina...

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