Salut stranger live in Russian woman, work in the hospital. have Left there your personal data hoping, that respond to it man, who wants to meet you with me. I'm want to meet with an honest man, with feeling humor and in this with who managed would to find a common language. I easily find with others, however am very interested in that, with whom you I would were able to share all their joys and concerns. The, with which our understanding of it would be complete. Know that the ideal is difficult reach, however you know that may at least nearer to him, and I happy. I twenty-nine years. I optimist and cheery people, who agree to accept each man, if only he decent and agree agreement. All required, we could be to find out correspondence, identifying common ground. Believe that finding a common ground to indicative and important a signal to, what we met is not accidental. And then we could be to continue communication, and I told myself more details. I'm in search of serious relationship intend to have a family favorite man, to give birth children and be happy.

Interested? Please answer ONLY to my regular e-mail: vkusnayamechtaa@yandex.com

I have have a skype and phone we could to chat there.

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