Am so glad to contact you and i get your mail id through the dating site, My name is Brenda and I'm 31 years old i live at JKaiser-Franz-Josef-Str. 94 6845 Hohenems Austria 
...... I am 155cm (5' 9") tall, Weight: 55 kg (110 lbs), Bust: 86 cm 34", Waist: 64 cm (25"), Hips: 89 cm (35"), Shoes size: 7, got the perfect body physique, long brown hair, soft Brown eyes, light tan skinned, blessed with perfect teeth and endowed with good sense of humor and respect. How about you? What do you seek for on through the dating site? For me i seek for the right person to share my life with I believe what matters most is what we both can hold for each other in our heart, once love exists in our heart. I'd like to start by saying thanks for writing me, and i must confess when i went through your profile it seem we have a lot in common.passionate man looking for an attractive, affectionate,free-spirited woman to share the good times with the bad and still love each other and want one another at the end of the day.Tired of being lonely and having no one to share affection and kisses with.I believe in love, fun, togetherness and commitment.I like cars and trucks, auto shows, racing,walks on the beach, travel, movies,antiques, garage sales,casinos,good friends and family. I love kids and animals.I want to try new things if a man has some special interest or hobbies.Always ready to listen and understand. No problem will ever stand in the way of being together if we love each other. I will care for my man and be there for him until death do us part.I don't like nagging and harsh criticism that lower's my self-esteem and is purely mean.I give 100% and expect my partner to listen to my reasoning before judging me and I have fully decided to be a Good woman to my children un Born and a good, loving and caring wife to my husband yet to meet.But I doesn't want to mess myself with the wrong man. Basically I decided to settle with a nice,good loving and caring man. I love sex a lot and am very good on bed in sex making.I just can't do without having sex every night before going to bed and First thing in the Morning before going to work .but only have sex with the only man i love. I have to love someone to really enjoy sex fully. I don't sleep around cos am a one woman one man girl.I think we will enjoy many conversations since we our both articulate and think communication is key. This is all you need to know about myself,family,work I so for a living and i hope to hear more about you and your living. am going to stop here i hope to read from you. thanks for giving me the time to email you.take care of your self.Hope to read back from you soon. Till then stay blessed. Do you like sex? I live at JKaiser-Franz-Josef-Str. 94 6845 Hohenems Austria .

Would you like to share some pics? we can do it in my next email to you..

Brenda Cares.

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