My dear,
How are you today? I will like to thank you for honoring my message, I am a woman That Has Seen life and also Been in the social circle for many years, It really does not matter anyway  but once age, color or achievement is involve in life.
Dear what matters in our life is nothing but Love Care and expression in any bodies life.

This is the Most Important thing in this life, Although to me the most beautiful thing created by God is never seen and is only felt in the heart, I Have Been a hardworking woman all my life even before gotten married, Anyway i like to tell you little about me, My name is Jennifer   Wilson, 35 years old United Kingdom,(Britain)  And i was born  in Britain, Studied Banking Britain  University where i Obtained my PHD on Banking and Finance

I was married but my Ex Husband got married to another woman because of my work, Which Caused our divorce, but is okay since he has Accused me of giving much attention to my work than him (being so busy with my Banking work ) accounting / auditing, that i was not Having much time for him, but he refused to Understood that i was pursing a goal, Although I told him that soon i would resign so that we will have enough time for each other but he was impatient with me while he knows me like that even before he married me, but is over between us now, I am now free and happy because I have everything i need in life and that is the reason why I am thinking of relocating to another place or country to get into investment and maybe to own a small company Which i can be reliable to manage enough of myself since he got married to another woman,.

Please can you tell me more about yourself too ? I will like to know you better, What you are really doing and your position in your work if you don't mind. And your marital status with your pictures and country of origin

I am waiting to hear from you soon
Yours sincerely,

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