Hi! What mood at you? I for the first time write the similar letter. I am a little I test excitement! My name is Yana. I write you from a city Koziatyn. It large a city in the European part UA. My age thirty nine years. I optimistical and serious the girl. Still I fearless because be I shy, I never have not dared to write this letter. I ask you to give me pair of minutes of your time! I am assured, that my letter will be interesting to you! I just have received recently yours electronic box through a site of acquaintances. I hope, what you just as also I wish to meet here the love, correctly? If I am right I wish to write you a little about itself and to tell to you, for what reason I search relations in social networks. I have solved to test my destiny and to try to meet the person through the Internet because to me have not carried to find in my city adequate the man who was able to respect the woman. Men in Russia concern the woman as to a thing and do not think that the woman too has heart.! I hope, that you serious the man whom really search here for the the significant other and notices in the woman not only a figure, but also soul! I hope, that you will write me the answer so I can even more to give information about yourself and to send to you mine a photography! I expect your answer that to begin our acquaintance. Best regards, Yana .

Hello my new friend Rafael !
it will be a great pleasure to meet you. and I hope we can make good ones
Be friends. I know the Internet is very bad. I didn't save the link to the page. but I still decided
new friends on the Internet. and I want to explain why my search is one.
maybe I can go to your country soon. I decided to meet someone from your country. I've never been abroad. and
I have friends from other countries. I want to know more about you. and please write about yourself and your life in your
the following letter I Hope it is not difficult for you my age
39 years old. I think this is a good age for a girl. My height is 170cm, my weight is 68 kg. I have a slim figure because I have
Dear sport, I maintain my figure. I think a girl should be athletic. this saves both the body and health! I send
you photo that see my look I hope my photo. I'm waiting for your photos, too. this is important to me and
Interesting. I live in the city of kozyatin. This city is located in Ukraine. I think this information will help you get to know me better.
I want to know about your city. Yes. I forgot to talk to you about my work. I work with children.
and I love my job. I'm a psychologist at school. I think you've talked enough about me.
I wrote a big letter. I hope that my letter did not tire you. then I am waiting for your answer.
I hope my letter will not go unnoticed. don't think badly of me I'm not spam or a robot.
I am happy to read your letter and will answer you. I'm also happy to see your photos. I hope it's not a problem. Yana.

Hello my dear . I haven't received your letter in a long time. why don't you write to me? I hope you haven't forgotten me. I understand. you're probably just too busy.
but, I beg you . Write me. I am always happy to receive your letter. how was your weekend? I hope you had a good rest. I was at home these days.
I was cleaning. I also prepared food. today was a difficult day. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Yes, I hope I get your letter tomorrow.
I will be very happy. good day." your Yana

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