Hello! What mood at you? I for the first time write the similar letter. I slightly I am confused! My name Yuliana. I from a city Voronezh. It large a city in the European part RU. My age28 years. I cheerful and serious the girl. Still I fearless because be I shy, I never have not made the decision to write this letter. I ask you to give me pair of minutes of your time! I am assured, that my letter will be interesting to you! I just have received recently yours electronic box through a site of acquaintances. I assume, what you just as also I search here the little man, I am right? If it so I wish to write you pair of words about itself and to tell to you, for what reason I search relations in "World wide web". I wish to test my destiny and to try to meet the person through the Internet because to me it was not possible to meet in my city adequate the man who was able to appreciate the woman. Men in RU concern the woman as to a thing and do not think that the woman too can sincerely like. I think, that you responsible the man whom it is valid search here for the love and is able to see in the woman not only external data, but also sincere qualities! I hope, that you will respond me so I can even more to tell about yourself and to send to you mine a photo! I expect your answer that to fasten our acquaintance. Best regards, Yuliana.

Good  day  Elias !! Thank you for your answer! My friend, you asked me
about  where  I  to  take  yours E-mail. I contacted the local service
acquaintance.  It's  called  "Svaha".  They  gave  me  your e-mail and
informed  that  you  seek  a Russian woman for a serious relationship.
There  I  helped  to  send you my first letter. I'm sorry if this is a
bug,  and you don't look for anyone. But if you replied to me, I think
we  need to start Dating?? I just found your letter in the spam box. I
don’t  know  why your letter got there, but now I have added you to my
contact list, so now your letters should no longer be in the spam box.
Please do the same in case my letters do fall into the spam box and we
can  safely  receive  each other's letters, okay? So, thanks again for
answering  my  letter  !!! Now we can start our acquaintance! Where to
start  my story about me ?? This turns out to be no easy task.)) First
of  all, I want to admit that I was a little worried whether you would
answer  my  request  for  dating or not! In the recent past, I tried a
couple  of  times  to meet a man on the Internet after a dating agency
gave  me  the  e-mail of men who, on the assurance of a dating agency,
were  looking  for  a  serious relationship. But in fact it turned out
that  these  men were not interested in seeking a serious relationship
or were only looking for an exchange of naked photographs. I hope that
this  time  I was lucky and you are looking for a serious relationship
???  I  don’t  want  to waste your and my time. I want you to honestly
admit  to  me if you are looking for a serious relationship or are you
not  interested  ??  Please  be sincere with me !! I was already badly
wounded  1.5 years ago, and I don’t want to be hurt again. Then my man
betrayed  me!  He  cheated on me with another woman not long before we
were  supposed  to  get  married.  It  seemed  to me that my world had
collapsed  and I could never trust a man again, but time heals ... and
now I have found the strength to believe in love again. But still, not
in love with a man from Russia. I became smarter. That betrayal helped
me to see and make sure that in Russia most men really have no respect
and  no value for their women. I did a lot in my past relationships to
ensure  that  my  man  was happy, but he did not appreciate my care. I
realized that all three years of our relationship I was only his cook,
a  cleaner,  but at the same time I never received true love and care!
After  much  thought,  I  decided  to try to look for happiness on the
Internet.  I  read  many  articles  about how Russian women find their
second  half  through  a dating agency and live happily with a man who
truly  knows how to value and respect a woman. I think that each of us
has the right to happiness, right ??? And who will build happiness for
us if we ourselves do not do it with our own hands ?? Maybe everything
that I write to you right now is not at all interesting for you, but I
consider  it very important to explain to you at the very beginning of
our  communication  about  what kind of relationships I am looking for
and  why I am looking for these relationships on the Internet. I think
that  you  are  not  opposed if I start our acquaintance with the fact
that  I  will  talk  about  why  I'm here ?? !! So, as you should have
already  understood,  my goal is to find the right man with whom I can
build a serious relationship and be happy together. I think everything
sounds  very  simple,  right  ??  But  at  the  same time it is a very
difficult  task.  If you look for the same thing as me, then we should
try to start our communication, and only time will tell what this will
lead  to.  Personally, I always believe in the best! Well, I think I'm
really  a  bit carried away by stories about the past. We must live no
past,  but  present, right ??? So, thanks again for writing to me, and
now I want to talk about myself. My name is Yuliana !!!! I am 28 years
old  and  I live in Russia, in the city of Voronezh. I have never been
married,  although  as  you  understand from what I wrote above, I was
close  to  this.  I  have  no  children.  I work as an accountant in a
clothing store, but sometimes I help salespeople on the trading floor!
I  will  tell  you  more about this in my next letter! I don’t want to
bore  you with long letters, so I think it would be logical if in each
subsequent  letter  I talk more about me. And I ask you to follow this
principle  just  as well. Please tell me more about you in each letter
and don’t forget to send me your photos. It seems to me that this will
make  our  communication more interesting. Do you agree?? I don’t want
our  communication to be like a questionnaire. But at the same time, I
will  be  happy  to  answer  all  your  QUESTIONS.  I think it’s worth
immediately  telling you that I lead a healthy lifestyle. In the past,
I  played  volleyball, skied a lot, and even practiced figure skating.
But  now  the  work  takes  me  too  much  time, and I do not have the
opportunity  to  exercise regularly. But despite this, I often go to a
fitness  center  to  keep  my figure in good condition. In addition, I
like  to  read books, watch some movies and cook. Cooking is one of my
favorite  hobbies.  I  will  discuss  all  this  in  more detail in my
subsequent  letters.  Of  course,  provided that you are interested in
this.))  In  any  case,  I  hope  that  you  will  not leave my letter
unattended.   I  will  be  glad  to  see  your  answer  tomorrow.  And
immediately  I want to apologize that my letter was a little long. But
I  tried  to  write to you what it seems to me important to learn from
the  first  letter  so that then we could move towards our goal, if it
coincides.  And  I  promise  that  in the future I will try to make my
letters shorter !! )) Waiting for your answer! Yuliya

Good  day ! How are you? How is your mood? I hope you are all well and
you  didn't  answer  me because you were too busy. You seem to me very
interesting  and good man. Very willing to continue communication with
you.  Please  send  me an email and I will answer you. I wish you good
mood. Yuliya

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