How are you doing???? Today it was a great surprise for me not to
receive a return letter from you. Please tell me the reason. why did
not you write to me ??? Maybe the reason is that I did not answer all
your questions ??? Tell me . Is this the reason ??? Or the reason in
other ??? If not, tell me what the problem is. Maybe the problem is at
my age ?? So you do not want to communicate with me ??? Please tell me
the reason. I hope that you will respond to my letter. It does not
take long to write a letter. I'm waiting for your letter. Your new
friend Yulia

I've already sent you my letter.Have you received my letter Maybe
simply you didn't have time to answer immediately Why Please write me
at least a note of explanation Ok Hope to hear from you soon, Yulia

Hello, How ar You?...  excuse me beforehand if I've bothered you  but I will be glad to get acquainted with the man once. Its will fascinatingly to exchange our thoughts and photos.
I dont even know where to start . I am Yuliya. I was thinking  what I can write little more about myself , you know I came to decision that perhaps I will say my character as active woman with stable moral foundations.
I know lots mates who have made friend on the Internet, this is why I decided to take a chance myself. 
Since I am a completely unknown person to you, let me introduce myself so  you have a first impression. 
I love adventures and different cultures. I send you my entry pictures, I guess it’ll work better than words. I'm single and I have no children. My sacred wish is  find real man, who will love me and who will be able to provide our possible joint life and at the same time who will be interesting  me, easy to talk with me. I like person with beautiful inner world and  desire to make their dreams come true. At the at once I believe that he should have kind heart, irony and skill to be upper than hypocrisy to another a people and  be the person from the big letter. 
I promise to be truthful.  acquaintances on the Internet it became popular. I  decided  try. I search the match in a life, I dont search for riches. 
 I have no exact standard of years old more senior  me. Because I consider, that people with the years cleverer. I will be glad  receive your answer. Write me about yourself, and your preferences about girl. Hope  hear from you soon.

Thank you for replying to my letter . Now , I I'll try to explain how
I found your mail. So in the future you had no questions about that. I
saw you on the website Dating "RussianCupid. EN" , and decided to
write you. This site , told me my ex-colleague from work that I still
I keep in touch. First of all , I was interested in searching for a
man from another country . Because I'm not satisfied men from Russia,
because of their mentality, men from Russia have a lot of problems
faced by many Russian women are alcoholism, beat their women, and most
importantly, they do not appreciate its second half, in my opinion
these men are selfish!!! I don't I want to say that all Russian men
are bad, but I speak in my own way experience and from the side. As
they say in any country there are enough fools. On for this reason, I
decided to look for a man from another country.

I'm looking for a serious man with whom I can be more than friends.
I'd like to get to know you. Tell me something about yourself..... and
ask. what do you want to know about me?

I'll tell you about yourself (little). As you already know my name is
Yulia. Me 29 old. First of all, I am from Russia and live in the
city of Saratov. I have been working as an assistant surgeon for two
years, in the state polyclinic. I love my job and am proud that I can
help people. My hobby is sports. I like playing volleyball, basketball
+ I like to skate, skate, ski and so on Further. I can list a lot of
things I love doing. But, The best option is to tell more in detail in
our further communications. I hope you do not mind??

I send you my photos and hope that this photos to you like it. I will
wait for your next letter , don't forget send your photos. With this,
I will finish my letter . Yulia

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