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Hello Wolfgang. This Viktoriya.
I will say right away that I was pleasantly glad when I saw your answer
How are you? I am fine. I had a hard day at work.
And also this is loneliness.......(
Unfortunately, I am still without a partner for life. I am lonely
I feel this loneliness all the time.
are you feeling the same?
So that I would not die of loneliness.
I was in the gym yesterday and do various exercises.
2020-03-18 19.15.00.JPG
It did me good. It made my back very relaxed.
I even have a video for you with me.
How do I do during training.
You can see me if you open my video
My dear Wolfgang Tell me more about you.
I would like to meet you and find out more about you
where do you come from and what are you looking for?
Which city are you from?

I m from city Syzran. I m from Russia.
My city can be viewed on Wikipedia
Viktoriya is my real name. I hope you have no problem with this name.
My hobbies are cycling, swimming in the pool and going for a walk.
I am 1.65m tall. Tell me, do you mind that I m young years?
For me, the age difference doesn t matter.
On the contrary. You are older and that is the best.
I have absolutely no problems with your age. I hope you have no problems with my age 29?

I am a woman who knows what he wants and what he does not want.
I like a man that he is loyal, shows respect for me, shows me how loving he is, shows me how open he is to me.
I don t like a jammed man.

Right now, I want to make a surprise for you.
Please open the attached my VideoClip is for you Wolfgang.
This video was taken during my fitness training.
I hope you had a big smile.
When did you see my surprise?
Now you see that I am a living and real woman.

Today I m sending you my positive photos of what I m doing, in a good mood.
I really want to have you, from viewing photos, got a lot of positive mood.
I also want to get a good-positive mood from you.
Please do not hesitate, send me your freshest photo.
If you have specific questions just ask and I will try to answer you honestly.

I want to tell you that I find you very interesting and get to know you more.
My parents have educated me well.
I am a honest and sincere woman.
I am looking for the man with whom I can have the family.
I want the man to give me love and care.
I am very happy that you write me.
Tomorrow I will look at your letter. So write me.
Viktoriya + Wolfgang = friendship
Greetings and a gentle kiss.
Your Viktoriya

Die Dame ist sportlich und trainiert unter Anleitung im Sportstudio.

Auch das Hanteltraining darf nicht fehlen für den schönen Körper. Und die Bauchmuskulatur ist auch wichtig.




  • Name: Viktoriya
  • Alter: 29 Jahre
  • Geburtstag: 04.04.1990
  • Wohnort: Syzran, Russland
  • Beruf: Buchhalterin


  • Straße: Astrahanskaya 5
  • Stadt: SYZRAN
  • ZIP: 446029
  • Land: Russland