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Good morning my good Wolfgang
Forgive me for not answering you on Sunday.
I can t answer you yesterday in Sunday - 22 March :((
I was so far away from the internet.((
Over 24 km from my the city of Syzran (without civilization).
On Sunday I m not working. I had a free day from work.
And I m went to the garden by bus.

my good Wolfgang I m sorry I didn t warn you. I was in the garden.
Me and my high school girlfriend from work - 22 March. We were in the garden. on outdoors.))
We hide valuables from robbers.
Very often in winter burglars break into the garden and steal valuables.
What did you do yesterday when I was in the garden ??????????
Forgive me, for I m being in control of you, as a wife.)))
Wolfgang it s a hint ;)

My garden 24 km from my the city - this is my hobby and I spend my free time this way.
It s all because I have no children and I have no family.
I m clean.but I m waiting for it in the future.
If I have a family and a husband, I would be very happy to be that.
And then I gave myself to the whole family and didn t go into the garden.
But ,, I have no family, :( so I spend my time in the garden.
I don t have enough husband and family. ((
Could you create a family with me?
Wolfgang this is a hint.)

Open the attached file.
my eyes shine because of you Wolfgang.)
Your Viktoriya




  • Name: Viktoriya
  • Alter: 29 Jahre
  • Geburtstag: 04.04.1990
  • Wohnort: Syzran, Russland
  • Beruf: Buchhalterin


  • Straße: Astrahanskaya 5
  • Stadt: SYZRAN
  • ZIP: 446029
  • Land: Russland