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Good sunny day to you Wolfgang
I want to please you today)))))
I thought for a long time. I want to make a surprise for you.
I want to send you my photos and video.
I write a video clip last summer 2019 !!!!
You already know that I love cycling.
And I found a video that I made last summer when I was cycling.
Now you can see with my own eyes what my bike looks like.
My bike has mud bikes and I can ride my bike through mud and even sand.
I particularly enjoy cycling and breathing fresh air in the forest.
Because a breath of fresh air gives me strength to live.
Do you have a bike
Show me a video or photo of your bike.
Does your bike have the same mud wheels as I do?
I cannot send the video file. The video clip is too big.
I am attaching it to the site to download the video.
You can see or download my video clip,
open here:
This is for you Wolfgang.

Did you see my sunglasses in the video?
These glasses protect my eyes from ultraviolet sunlight.
Do you wear sunglasses when the sun is shining brightly on the street?

Please do not hesitate to send more video or photos to yourself.
I want to see you.
If you Wolfgang and I m Viktoriya - were together today.
I would show you my mud wheels.
and you could personally test my bike in practice
But we can only dream of it!

What are you doing this morning? I do not know.
But you can personally see what I m doing now.
Today I am sending you a photo of me from my workplace.
I send you my photo. And when you look at my photo, you will have the hottest feelings about me.

Remember that when you look at my photo. At the same moment I m thinking of you Wolfgang.
I would like to know what you think about my surprise for you?
About Photo and About Video ..
that was tempting or fascinating ?????

Yes, the fact is that I keep thinking about you.
I am not calm. I want to chat with you.
You have become part of my life I am 24 hours a day, think of you.
It puts me in a good mood for the whole day.
I kiss you.
Your Viktoriya

Die Dame fährt gerne mit dem Mountain-Bike und lässt auch einen Blick auf ihre Hügel. Lecker.




  • Name: Viktoriya
  • Alter: 29 Jahre
  • Geburtstag: 04.04.1990
  • Wohnort: Syzran, Russland
  • Beruf: Buchhalterin


  • Straße: Astrahanskaya 5
  • Stadt: SYZRAN
  • ZIP: 446029
  • Land: Russland