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Hello Wolfgang have a nice Sunday evening
I have Sunday news for you.
What a wonderful mood I have that day!
How good that I have vacation. and I'm ready to fly to you to meet you.
I will fly to you on an airplane on 1 April

I have to clarify again.
Write to me again. The exact name of the airport where you are going to meet me.
The three-digit code of your airport.
Write me your name and last name
and your address:
Street, house number:
tomorrow morning, I go to the ticket office and buy a ticket for your airport.
So that correctly write me everything without errors.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again on 1 April.
I already have a feeling that there will be a lot of excitement when we see each other at the airport.
I hope you don't mind meeting me at home?

I've been thinking so you know me better.
Today I'm going to write you my full first name and last name.
So you will know everything about me.
This makes it easier for you to find me at your airport

Street Astrahanskaya 5
ZIP 446029
Russian Federation

I still think what we can do when we're together.
And I remembered. I love quad biking.
Do you own a rented quad?
We could go there and take pictures of each other.

For example. I send you a video of me.
How I ride a quad this summer when I was at sea.
Again, I couldn't send the video in the letter.
And I attached it to a special video sharing site.
You can see me if you open here: What do you say?

Your Viktoriya

Squad-Fahren im Matsch. Das regt die Phantasie an.




  • Name: Viktoriya
  • Alter: 29 Jahre
  • Geburtstag: 04.04.1990
  • Wohnort: Syzran, Russland
  • Beruf: Buchhalterin


  • Straße: Astrahanskaya 5
  • Stadt: SYZRAN
  • ZIP: 446029
  • Land: Russland