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Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen

Posted at — Jan 3, 2020


Dear Beneficiary,

Am happy to inform you that all your outstanding payments will be released to you through the Debt Settlement Commission DSC jointly funded by United Nations, European Union and African Union.Please look into your files and bring out all documents and information relating to your unpaid claims from any country in Africa, Europe and other countries.

Therefore you are to be Inform that the Debt Settlement Commission has appointed an International and highly Experienced debt payment mediation Firm based in Europe to coordinate all investors unpaid Debt disputes from any African, European and other countries. The Firm are further directed to register the unpaid debts with the Debt Settlement Commission; certify, clarify then formally make recommendations for immediate payment to the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the Firm to be highly compensated by your good self after you receive your payment. Based on this mutual understanding with the Firm, they have accepted to include your file for payment through this DSC platform.

Finally,you have to re_confirm your full data’s Information as required below immediately for records.

Your name in full Your country of origin Your office address Your direct mobile telephone number A copy of your international passport or personal ID by email attachment >From which Country of your funds origin: Your total amount your Expected to be processed for payment in your favor:

Do get back to me immediately and confirm your interest. I will forward to you the contact of the DSC for you to contact the Director accordingly.

Kind regards, Mr,Franklin Goodwill