Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen

Posted at — May 6, 2020

Please permit me to officially introduce myself to you , my name is Michael Dube, but you can call me Mick. I am single, 45 years old from Kingston Jamaica, am a Laboratory Assistant with TODO LIFE SCIENCE RESEARCH LABORATORY. This is an American own BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY located here in the United Arab Emirates, you can visit our website at for more information. The laboratory came up with a confirmed vaccine for the treatment of the known coronavirus (COVID-19). The laboratory is ready to start mass production of this vaccine as the goal is to achieve a coronavirus free world. But one of the basic local oil of this vaccine is very scarce in the market. So my company is seriously searching for anyone who can help supply this oil at any cost.

So, I research for this local oil with the help of yellow Page, I found a store in your area that has this local oil in stock. According to the seller’s online store, the local oil cost $39 dollars per bottle. Now I want us to go into business and make a good profit if you’re interested. I have a good reputation with my company and I have in mind to introduce you to my company as a reliable agent who can supply this local oil, BUT YOU WILL TELL MY COMPANY YOU WILL SUPPLY ONE (1) BOTTLE FOR $250 dollar and my company will be happy to buy because the company urgently needs about 5,000 cartons.

Please note this is a lifetime contract and you don’t have to invest or spend your money on this business, my company will give you the funds to supply. Note that opportunities like this come but once in a lifetime so let’s make good use of this opportunity to save lives and enrich ourselves as well. You will tell my company you’re supplying (1) bottle for $250, Once my company accepts to buy, you will give my company your account to transfer payment for 5,000 cartons after you receive the payment for 5,000 cartons from my company, I will give you the details of the online store, you will order the local oil at the rate of $39 per bottle and the store will deliver to my company and we will share the profit 5050% equal.

Let me know if you’re interested, also feel free to tell me if you’re not interested so I can look for another person.

I wait to hear from you soon so I can send you my photos and introduce to my company,

Yours’s Sincerely