Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen

Posted at — May 7, 2020

Good day.

I am Charles MacKenzie, a lawyer and an independent investment broker. I currently administer a confidential investment portfolio and broker on behalf of a high profile client, who would like to partner with you to invest huge capital amounts in lucrative projects with excellent returns or profits on any of the following sectors in your country. The investor is interested in Real Estate, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Shipping & Logistics, Export & Import Trading, Construction, Textiles, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Energy Industries, Mining & Metals.

The investor is proposing to partner with you, and that you can provide an account to receive and manage the investment amount of USD50Million dollars. You will be compensated with a commission of 20% of the funds for your services. The benefits of this proposal are very remarkable. Kindly refer to my attached letter for more details.

If you are keen, capable and with reliable investment recommendations to engage with the investor in partnership, providing a suitable bank account for receiving and investing the funds in any of the sectors listed above, kindly contact me as a matter of urgency by reply.

Kind regards,
Charles MacKenzie