Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen


Posted at — Sep 23, 2019

On 17-08-2019

Hello xxx,My name is Jonah

This is not going to acquire too much of your time, and so direct to the point. I obtained a video of you fishing with your zipper trout while at the pornpage you’re stopped at, due to a great arse application I have been able to place on a few sites with that type of content material.

You click play and all the webcams and a mic start recording in addition, it saves every fucking detail through your computer, including contacts, passwords or shit such as that, think exactly where i have this e-mail from?) And so now we all know just who i am going to deliver this to, if you aren’t gonna negotiate this with me.

I will place a account wallet address down below that you can throw me 680 dollars in 1 dayz max via bitcoin. See, it is not that large of a value to pay, suppose that makes me not that terrible of a man.

You’re allowed to try and do whichever the shit you wish to, yet if i will not find the total in the period of time stated over, well… u by now understand what will happen.

And so it is your responsibility now. Now i’m not gonna move through all the info and crap, just simply don’t have time for this as well as you likely know that internet is overloaded with mail similar to this, so it is as well your final choice to believe in this not really, there is certainly just a proven way to uncover.

The following is my btc wallet address- “1JDnYzN4yaXQk7cUtX8NGy3jJ4VCW3KyTG”

Have a great time and keep in mind that wall clock is ticking