Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen


Posted at — Sep 23, 2019

Hello my friend..

I m a member of the crew of web criminals in Iraq. We contact with you by your working email cause I know that you always visit it.

Last month my crew hacked porn site and as far as you pressed on a play button your system started shooting your screen and using cam to catch you masturbating.Eventually I guess you understand which compromising evidence Ive got.

Furthermore, this software started your device operate as dedicated server with plenty of functions as keylogger,parser etc. To conclude, my software compiled all evidence,particulary all your contacts from messengers,e-mails,social networks.To safe your reputation you must pay 470 usd using bitcoins (cryptocurrensy).I know that you can pay.

Use this Bitcoin address to pay-13cyN2kMDzZD3R4UpGrX8DcrVQViPFFCim

Just use it as usual credit card number. If I receive this sum we will not send anything to you friends, relatives and collegues.Watch youtube manuals about methods of buing BTC. I can offer you this exchanger: coinbase .com. If it is impossible for you to buy them in web, try to find the nearest BTC ATM through coinatmradar.

You have exactly 1 day from the time you open our letter to pay.You can complain cops, but they can not find us I write you through our bot network, and ofcourse we live abroad.If you want us to show proofs we can share everything to seven mates from your data after that we will share their links. So you will ask them if something strange was received about you.If you have some problems write me back.

Think better.