Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen


Posted at — Sep 23, 2019

Hello my friend…

I represent a crew of web criminals from Iraq. We contact with you by your corp mail cause we think that you always visit it.

The other day our squad put the virus on porn site and after you pressed on a play button your appliance started shooting your screen and using cam to catch you self-abusing.As a result I mean you preceive what compromising evidence do I have.

Moreover, this software started your device operate as remote desktop with a lot of abilities as keylogger,parser etc. Eventually, my program compiled all evidence,especially all your contacts from messengers,mails,social media.To safe your reputation you should pay 430 usd with bitcoin.We are sure that you can pay.

Make a transaction on this btc address:1EDpchwgLzPnst33vXEKdZxQGsYdHxXidf

You should copy and past it. If you send bitcoins we will be silent.There are a lot of information about how to buy bitcoins, just read it… For example you can buy them at localbitoins. com. If it is impossible for you to buy them in web, you can search comfortable BTC ATM at coin atm radar.

You have exactly one day since you read my letter for making a payment.Dont try to play with us I use anonymous bot system, moreover we do not live in your country.If you want to see what we have we will share everything to nine mates from your data after that you will be given their links. So you will be able to ask if something strange was received about you.For some questions just reply.

Think twice.