Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen


Posted at — Jun 21, 2020

Hi, you don’t know me, but now I know you well enough. since I got full access to your mail and all your personal information, including your bank accounts, credit cards and even your correspondence with women from other countries. I know all your sins. and I’m going to send each of them at once all the letters that you clearly planned to send. And also all your contacts will receive your naked photos that you so love to send to women. how many women do you think will remain women who will know that you just play with them? Also, all this information will be posted on the Internet including your photos. But you have a good chance to avoid it. All you need to send 150 dollars to a Bitcoin wallet.

Wallet Address: 1Pv2CQcJ8mX8VWhYyF24zaBP3divs923Xu

How to do this, you can find on the site or just google. You have 36 hours to do it. or all your information will appear in the public domain and you will lose all your money that is in your bank account. Your device is infected and even if you try to change the password I get it again. I just want to give you one chance not to lose everything. You must understand that hackers from Russia are not joking. and we can influence everything in the world.