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Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen

Posted at — Sep 28, 2019

Hi Sir,

Hope you are good,this is Eric Dong from Ningbo Successor Machinery Co.,Ltd,located which main production Plastic injection molding machine, high precision injection molding machine, extrusion blow molding machine.

Energy saving rate can reach up to 70%, and the injection repeatability is high and the speed is fast.Electro-hydraulic hybrid servo energy-saving plastic injection molding machine can increase electricity and water saving by 20%-80%. Help you reduce production costs, increase productivity and pass rates.

The equipment runs stably, can be networked, has a fast cycle, and has high repeatability of injection products. The professional oil circuit design makes the whole oil road without pollution, and there is no oil leakage in all links to ensure reliable operation of precision hydraulic components.

Customized services based on your operating habits and personal preferences. Whether it is a special color, spare parts or special features, it can be satisfied.

If you have friends in the market for Plastic Injection Molding Machine products, please let me know.He purchase machine from us you will get a high commission,the maximum is 10% of the transaction amount.

Perhaps you are interested in the design, product cost and delivery time of our products,please don’t hesitate us.

Best Regards.
Eric Dong