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Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen

Posted at — Sep 30, 2019

Dear customers,

I hope you’re well…

Do you have any new projects ? thanks.

and we can make very big tool and also 3000 ton injection machine. so if you are intersted in us. please contact me. thanks. we also have 1000 ton machines. 600ton, 400ton, 250ton, 180ton, 120ton. etc

you can see my advantage….

I have a background in toolmaking and tool design – I use Pro-Engineer , AutoCAD and SolidWorks and UG softwares…….. Ask us technical questions, and we are happy to discuss anything you might want us to look at or quote.

With us you don’t end up working through a sales lady who doesn’t understand moulding- effectively playing Chinese whispers. And also I have worked for the overseas mold selling for 15 years.

Trust can only come with time and experience of dealing with Dare-Fly.

Some of our customers have made clear to us how important it is that we are open and honest about anything which does not go to plan,
and this now forms a core part of our business.

If you cooperate with us one time, you will know our quality and service very well. and I can save your job much time !!! You will find that it’s very very easy to coomunicate with me.

And also I know , not each China mould supplier is easy to communicate !

But all the time I can communicate with my customers easily. Maybe mainly because I know the mould tool technology well.

My customers :

One in Ireland…….

And I also have 11 customers in UK.
1 in Keighley
1 in Harlow
1 in Kent
3 in Manchester,
2 in Dorset,
1 in Yorkshire
1 in Newcastle upon Tyne
1 in Staffordshire

3 customers in USA.
One in Canada
2 customers in Israel.
one in Netherlands.
3 in Germany

Have a nice day for you !

Best Regards

Tony Wei
Technical Sales Manager

Dare-Fly Mold Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Building C, Aoxiang Industrial Park ,Liyuhe Industrial Zone, Loucun,
Gongming Town ,Guangming New District, Shenzhen , China
Tel: 0086-755-33266296
Fax: 0086-755-33266297