Discovering Scam and Spam

Scammer und Spammer ausfindig machen

Posted at — Apr 25, 2020

Good day! Hope you’re doing well.

During the virus period, Kingkar group received a government request to start Hand Sanitizer business.
Wide application: hospitals, restaurants, schools, supermarkets, any public places or home/personal use. A hot business during or after Covid-19 period.
Certificate: (CE/FDA certification)

  1. Rinse-free, save water;
  2. Effective, 75% alcohol, kill bacteria 99.9%, hospital grade;
  3. Fast, 10 seconds only can clean;
  4. durable, 4-6 hours;
  5. Add aloe extract, care for hand skin;
  6. nonirritating, available for baby.

At this moment, all other business stopped, only business related to anti-virus are popular. And also after the Covid-19 period, people shall pay more attention on sterilization and disinfection. Hand Sanitizer shall be widely used when people back to work, its repurchase rate is high.

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