Shelly Muna

I know you are very surprised to see this message because we do not know each other very well, but I relate to you based on love and trust. I care about you to establish this relationship

Thank you for your answer, my name is Shelly Muna from Indonesia, my husband is from Hanoi, Vietnam, but we lived together in Leeds, United Kingdom. I lost my husband on August 16 last year,

Meanwhile I have been struggling with cancer for a long time and my doctor says that the current stage is uncontrollable and I have few months to live. Before my husband died, he worked with the British government a contract worth $ 4.7 million, but death took him away before the money was sent to my bank account.

My husband was a charity activist before he died, he also encouraged me to help the poor, because since our marriage, we couldn t have a child due to my health condition. I sent two million dollars to my hometown in Indonesia. And sent $ 700,000 to the hospital for my medication.

I would like to send you the remaining $ 2 million so that you can help me donate it to the orphanage home, widows and the less privileged, because I have no child to inherit this money, please do not discriminate on religion, race or ethnicity when handling this project.

Please try to answer me right away for more information, God bless you and your family, I would ve loved to talk to you over the phone, but my doctor will not allow me to make calls due to the pain am going through, please keep this information very secret, for security reasons, thanks.


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  • Name: Shelly Muna
  • Geldsumme: 4.700.000,00 USD