Samantha Ranson or Ransom

Once again i'm a 47 years old Switzerland woman living in Bristol , my late husband ( Kelly Ranson) was from Basel , Switzerland and we both lived here in Bristol (UK) peacefully before he passed away in 2015. Meanwhile i have been struggling with cancer for long time and my doctor said that the present stage is uncontrollably and I have a few months more to live .

Before the death of my late husband ( Julian) , he worked a contract with the British Government worth of $ 4.7 million , but death took him away before the money is sent to my bank account , my late husband was a philanthropist before his death , he also encouraged me to help poor people, because since we got married we have not been able to have any biological child of our own .Due to the condition of my health i have sent $2 million to my home town (Dornbirn ) a city in the state of Vorarlberg Austria, and have deposited $700,000.00 dollars to the hospital for my medication .

Am looking for somebody ( Beneficiary )who can help me carry out this project for my late husband , someone who can take this project very serious with his or her heart sincerely, i wanted to do it by myself but my present health condition can not allow me a because i can hardly stand on my own without an Anchorage or support by the doctors or nurses that is the main reason while i contacted you.

I will like to send the remaining $2 million to you so that you will help me to give it to the poor people and the widows over there in your country as instructed by my late husband since we did not have any biological children to inherit this money , Please do not discriminate on religion , race , ethnicity when handling this project .I would love to talk to you over the phone, but the problem is the doctor medically advised me not to make calls due to pains , try to reply me immediately for more information .

May God bless you and your family


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  • Name: Samantha Ranson or Ransom
  • Geldsumme: 2.000.000 USD