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Dear stranger, I wish to know, if you are interested and are looking to begin an acquaintance with a new and lovely girl? My name is Vera. I am searching for a man with whom my life will be balanced and fascinating. I am an interesting, kind and optimistic girl. But I am alone now and I very much have got tired of such a life.

So I have addressed in a dating agency and then written a letter to you. Actually, I am searching a man at the present for a serious relationship and marriage later on. My main objective is - to find love. I very much hope, that you are this man. I will be glad if we find common language, and our meeting - the most significant moment in our future life. At present I do not know, how much interest there is in continuation of our conversation, therefore I will tell more about myself later. I wait your answer with big impatience. I can send you my photo if you send me a reply.

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Zitat:September 09, 2023;
My name is Vera.
My main objective - to find love.
I very much interesting, kind and optimistical the girl. But I one now and I very much have got tired from such life. I in searches present the man for serious relations and marriages further.