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Hi xxx! How are you?? Thanks for getting back to me. I think I should tell
you a little bit about myself first. My name is KSENIJA, I'm 24 years
old. I'm from Russia, I live in the beautiful hero city of Volgograd.
I was born on January 5, 1999. My zodiac sign Capricorn. I love
animals, though I do not have any. In a relationship is not a child.
Seeking acquaintance for friendship and serious relationship. I was
not brought up in a full family, my parents divorced when I was 4
years old. Almost all of my childhood I spent in the village with my
grandmother. I love her dearly, she is the main hero in my life and an
example to follow. My mother worked a lot and she didn't have enough
time for me. Of course, I missed my mother as a child, as I rarely saw
her. I used to resent her because of that, but now I understand her
and am grateful for everything. She wanted the best for us and so she
worked hard. I work in a beauty salon as a makeup artist, I design
hair and makeup for girls.
Most of my clients are brides-to-be,
birthday girls, graduates. To all of them I make up a beautiful image.
I will be pleased if you write me a letter and tell me about yourself.
I would love to answer your questions and tell you more about my life.
At this point I would like to end my letter. I hope to hear from you
again. Please add my email in your address book so that my letters
will not be lost and our communication will not be interrupted.I will
send you my photos. In the 1st picture I am at work, doing makeup on a
client.In the 2nd and 3rd picture I am at home. And in the 4th photo,
I'm walking. Have a nice day!! Bye.

Hi xxx, I'm glad to read your letter again. I will send you some pictures.
I hope that you will guess that in the picture I am with my mom and my
little sister. I will also add some pictures of me at the apartment. I
will tell you more about myself today. I have higher education. I
graduated from Volgograd State Agrarian University. I am a landscape
designer by education. Do you know what a landscape designer? This is
a specialist engaged in beautification, landscaping garden, park,
garden plots. This is a profession that combines creativity, love for
nature, and accurate technical calculations. I did well at university.
My professors said I had a talent for this profession. That's why
sometimes the university authorities ask me to hold urban plant
exhibitions. And also to supervise the landscaping of urban areas for
a nominal fee. But I myself am interested in this profession, so I am
ready to help them. Unfortunately, I am not working in my profession
yet. In order to work as a landscaper you need to open your own firm
and work for yourself, make projects and sell them. I got a job at a
firm, but I had to work very hard and the pay was small. I wasn't
satisfied with that at all. So I took an accelerated course as a
hairdresser and makeup artist. Now I work in a beauty salon, making
beautiful images for girls with the help of cosmetics. I have a
mother, her name is Nina, she's 48 years old. And I have a younger
sister Dasha, she's 6 years old. She is my half-sister. My mother
divorced my father 20 years ago, when I was 4 years old. Mom got
married 7 years ago, for the second time. Mom and her new husband and
little sister live separately. Ask about what you want to know about
me? In turn, I also want to know more about you. Will you tell me more
about yourself, about your education? About your hobbies? What do you
appreciate in women? Send me more of your photos. I look forward to
hearing from you. All the best, bye!

Hello my friend xxx. How are you today? As always I enjoy reading your
letter... Your letters make my day brighter. In the last letter I told
you about my family. As you know, I live apart from my family. I rent
an apartment together with my girlfriend. It's cheaper to pay rent and
utilities. I've been living apart from my family for 4 years now. The
reason for that was my mom's new relationship. I don't like her new
husband at all. I don't consider him my father. We have a very bad
relationship. My mother has been living with him for 7 years. In the 3
years that I have lived with them, I have seen his bad attitude
towards my mom. He doesn't work anywhere, he lies on the couch, my mom
provides for him. He also drinks a lot of alcohol and has raised his
hand against my mother several times. I told my mother many times to
leave him. But she doesn't want to listen to me and says she loves
him. I don't understand why she needs this kind of relationship...????
I'm afraid of this kind of life and I can't imagine myself in such a
relationship. I have the impression that all men in Russia are like
that, incapable of real love. They treat a woman like her own thing.
My first serious relationship started when I was in high school in the
10th grade. It was a guy I had known since childhood. Our friendship
developed into first love. We had a good relationship. After
graduating high school, he left to study in St. Petersburg. After that
we seldom contacted each other, or rather he seldom wrote to me. Our
relationship was ruined by distance. I think that most likely he found
another girl and left me. Now I have no contact with him. I stopped
trusting men in Russia. This pushed me to the idea of dating a
foreigner. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, because we are
experiencing a language barrier. I don't speak English and we are a
huge distance away. I think I've told you quite a lot today about my
past relationships. I would be interested to know about your past
relationships. I will look forward to hearing from you. Have a good
day and a good mood. Bye.

Hi xxx! How are you today? I always enjoy your letters. When I read your
letter, I get a smile on my face. Today is a special day. It is my
little sister Dasha's birthday. She is turning 7 years old. We decided
to celebrate her birthday in the village with her grandparents. So
today is my day off. I decided to devote this day to my family. My mom
and sister decided to take me away and we went together to my
grandparents in the village. On the way to the village, we stopped at
the store to buy food, as well as cake. I was very happy to see my
grandparents. And they were happy to see us. I would like to go to the
village to visit them more often, but life has its own rules. Now we
will decorate the house, prepare a festive table. My grandmother has
been baking pies since the morning, this is a traditional Russian
dish. I've never eaten pies this good anywhere before. How do you feel
about Russian cuisine? What have you tasted of it? Grandpa makes
bathhouse. How much I've missed this kind of family cozy atmosphere. Are
you wondering what gift I decided to get my little sister? I decided
to get her a drawing tablet. She loves to draw. And my mom already got
Dasha some earrings. Her grandparents gave her some money instead of a
gift so she could buy her own present. It's a good thing Mom took her
laptop with her. I was able to write you a letter. Unfortunately, the
Internet here is bad. I took some pictures on the trip. I will send
them to you, I hope you will like them. I am curious to know how you
are spending your day today? What are you doing? Tell me, how do they
celebrate birthdays in your country? Maybe you celebrate your birthday
in some special way? I am curious to know. I look forward to hearing
from you. Have a nice day. Bye.

Good afternoon ! It's so nice to get your letter again. I enjoyed it
very much. How are you today? We had a good birthday party. We went
back to Volgograd. Routine work has begun. It's good to live in the
countryside, don't you agree? Away from all that hustle and bustle. I
hope to have my own country house someday. Today I want to tell you
about my trip to Belgium. I still remember this trip with admiration.
I liked it very much in Europe. I have already written to you that I
studied landscaping. Because I was a good student and an able student,
I made it to a plant show in Belgium in 2020. At that time, the
restrictions because of Covid, were strict, I took almost a dozen
express tests. A group of students was recruited, myself among them,
under the guidance of two professors. We lived two weeks not far from
Brussels. I worked in a botanical garden, studying plants. My task was
to make a term paper on plants that can grow in the Russian climate.
It was difficult and at the same time fascinating. My work was noticed
by the site manager, who was responsible for everything related to
perennial flowers. He was a Russian emigrant. I received an offer from
him to come and work for them in Belgium, in a botanical garden, next
season. They liked the enthusiasm and effort with which I worked. I
really love this job, I loved what I was doing. In 2021 I went to
Belgium on my own, I had to get a work visa for 3 months. I am still
in contact with this organization. Once a month I remotely do a 3D
design project for them. I understand that it is profitable for them
to work with me. Such work in their country is several times more
expensive. I have nowhere to go, my part-time job brings me a small
income. I like to plant our environment. In Europe, more attention is
paid to the landscaping of territories, homestead plots. In Russia it
is also beginning to gain popularity. How in your country now with
work? Do people have enough work? We have fewer well-paid jobs. Many
companies have left Russia. But slowly life is getting better. Can I
ask you some more questions? Do you have a lot of parks in the city?
And what kind of plants are growing? Are your people friendly and
respectful of nature? Tell me more about how people in your country
treat each other? How do people in your country treat Russian people
now? I'm Russian, I won't get beaten up in your country because of
that :) ? There is just a lot of propaganda on TV that we are treated
badly in all countries. I think this is not quite true. I want to know
more about you and your country. I hope that you will tell me and most
importantly answer my letter. Have a sunny day and a wonderful mood.

Hello my friend xxx! I am always glad to hear from you. I read your
letters with pleasure. I have the feeling that I am gradually getting
used to you. I think of you all the time, I want to read your letter
as soon as possible. When I write you a letter, I have a smile on my
face. My friend, with whom we rent an apartment together, tells me
that I have become something different, I often smile and have my head
in the clouds. Maybe you have such a positive effect on me? You know,
when the war started in Ukraine, I was very frightened, I didn't
understand what was going on and how to live with it. Of course I'm
against the war. After all, any war, is not worth a single human life.
Unfortunately, this war is not over yet. I hope that peace will come
soon. I want all people to live amicably, and children do not know
what war is. But unfortunately in our time, it seems that this is not
possible. How does your country feel about this war? What do you
yourself think about this war? It's important for me to know your
opinion. Because of all these events, In March 2022, I was contacted
by the staff of the Belgian Botanical Gardens. They persuaded me to
relocate to Belgium, offered me a job. They saw in me a good and
promising employee. They were ready to help me get a residence permit
in Belgium. I was ready to do it, but it didn't work out. At that time
I had a boyfriend, we discussed it and he wished me to stay with him
in Russia. He promised to take me as his wife after my studies, but he
left me. Now I realize what a fool I was. Just a few months later he
left me, not caring about me and our future. For me it's in the past,
I learned a good lesson, now there's nothing keeping me here. I want
to change my life dramatically. I see you are a man of your word, a
real man, with you I would not be afraid to try to start, to change my
life. I hope I am not mistaken about you. I am curious to know how you
imagine our first meeting? If our meeting in the future ever happens.
I will wait for your letter. Have a good day, take care of yourself.

Hi xxx! How are you doing? Thank you for always delighting me with your
warm words. Lately I have started waking up with thoughts of you. I
can't help it. I think only of you all the time. I am in constant
expectation of your letter. When I read a letter from you, I can
reread it several times. Your letters always cheer me up. You give me
a charge and a smile for the whole day. I just can't go a minute
without you. When I think of you, I feel you near me, I feel your
stirring breath, the warmth of your body. Honey, you have no idea what
you do to me! I live only for you! As long as you are on this earth,
nothing scares me, I will overcome everything. Every day I thank God
for helping me to find you among so many people, for our great tender
love, which will never end - I am sure of that. I am concerned about
our future together. I want to ask you questions about our
relationship. It's important for me to know what you think about our
relationship. How do you see our life together? Do you see us as a
couple in the future? I want a man who I will be sure that he really
loves me, our life values and hobbies coincide. I want a happy married
life. It is important for me in a man to be sincere, honest and loyal.
It is difficult to find a man with these qualities. But I think I was
lucky, I found just such a man in the person of you. When talking to
you, I have the impression that you combine all these qualities. I can
be sincere with you. I am very worried whether it will be a problem
for us that I am from Russia. What will the people around you think of
us? I firmly believe that I have awakened the most beautiful feeling
that can exist between people. It is the feeling of love and the
desire to take care of people. I spent last night thinking about my
feelings and whether I should confess them. And yet I wrote to you. I
hope I didn't embarrass you with my sincerity, and that I will get a
letter from you again. I will be glad to get answers to the questions
I have asked. It is important to me. I sincerely hope to receive a
letter from you, your KSENIJA.

Hi my dear xxx. I am very happy to hear from you. Thank you for answering
my questions. It was important for me. Now I know that I was not
mistaken about you. I realized that you and I are right for each
other. You have all the qualities a man should have. You are a real
man! I find you loving, reliable, faithful, loyal, devoted, caring,
with a warm heart. I have confidence in you, that you will not betray
me, as I betray you. I am attracted to you in appearance. I often
began to imagine our meeting, how I could touch you, embrace you. I
try not to notice the distance that separates us like an abyss. I
believe that distance will not be an obstacle, and we will see each
other in real life. It is a great happiness that I have you. You give
me happiness. I think of you all my free time. When I do ordinary
things, I imagine that you are there, looking and smiling at me. I
don't need anyone but you. I feel truly alive with you. I'm breathing
with my full breath! And I don't want to stop it. You're the one
person I'm warm and comfortable with. I want to be a faithful girl and
a loving wife to you. I believe in you and our feelings. I understand,
and you understand too, that we need to meet to test and understand
our feelings. I want more than just one date with you! One date won't
be enough for us. We need to spend time together to understand our
interests and our behavior at home. That way we will understand a lot
about each other and we can feel each other out in real life! How do
you feel about this? How do you see it all? How do you see our first
meeting? Share your thoughts with me, please. I'd like to know what I
should be preparing for in our first meeting. I look forward to your
letter. Your KSENIJA.

Hello, my dear xxx! I am very happy to hear from you. I have good news for
you. I decided to tell my mother everything about you and me. It was
exciting for me, she is the first person to know about you. She was a
little shocked to hear that I was in contact with a man from another
country. I showed her your picture. I told her I was thinking about
moving to another country. Because I found the perfect man in you. My
mother told me to be careful. She worries about me, wants me to do
well. I told her I could work as a landscaper in your country. She
knows I've always dreamed of that job. I am sure that one day my dream
will definitely come true. And I will work in my profession. She is
proud of me that I have good goals in life. And very much hopes that
you will not cheat me and do not leave me. But she warned me that she
could not help me organize a trip. She was offended by this, even
cried. I reassured her, because I understand that it's not easy for
her, she has an unemployed husband and a young daughter around her
neck. I'm an adult, I'm independent and I have to deal with my own
problems. All my thoughts are only about you. I can't stop thinking
about you and our meeting. I imagine how I will fly to you and you
will meet me at the airport. I will be able to hold you, kiss you,
snuggle up and not let you go. It's so strange and pleasant when,
waking up in the morning and falling asleep at night, I miss you so
much. I will follow you in fire and in water! I'll catch with all my
heart your every breath, your every smile, because I love you so much!
I'll give you happiness! I can do it, for you are my life! I see how
much you care for me. You're a real man, you're a very sincere and
sensual man... You are the love of my life! There is nothing beautiful
in this life like our love. We fight with you for our love, and
rightly so. You are the best man. I believe in us and our future. Soon
we will be together. I decided to record a video for you. I think
you'll be pleased. I was worried, so I wrote the words down on a piece
of paper first, and then I read them in front of the camera. I wanted
to say in the video that I can't hear you, I want to hear your voice
too. I want to hear it always! I will look forward to your letter. I
miss you very much. All the best. Yours KSENIJA.

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