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Dearest friend,
It has been a long time we stop our communication, but now i want to tell you that God have clean my tears, i am sending you this message from my husband house over here in London United Kingdom, I have left Senegal camp, But before then i have told my husband everything about you,how you wanted to help me, and he agree that we should give you a gift as a reward for all your past effort to help me when i was in refugee camp Dakar Senegal.
I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from London United Kingdom. Presently I am in London, for investment projects with my husband who finally help me to transfer the total sum. Meanwhile, I didn t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring the funds, despite that it failed us some how. Now you will need to contact the new Rev Father Paul Christian, whom used to be a God father to me when i was at the refugee camp in Dakar, his name is father Paul Christian and his email address is this. ( ) Ask him to send you the prepaid ATM visa card of US$250.000.00 which the bank prepared and i kept for you with Rev. father as compensation/reward for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. though that everything was not successful as we plan, so feel free and get in touched with Rev father
Paul Christian and direct him where to send you the electronic prepaid ATM visa card which you will use to withdraw the money inside at any ATM machine in your country Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share our joy and happiness after all the sufferings at that time.
At this moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and my new husband are having at hand, finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to Reverend father Paul Christian on your behalf to send the prepaid ATM visa card to you as soon as you contact him.
I am very sorry that i did not send the prepaid ATM visa card by myself, my husband did not give me chance to do anything after the transfer because he was in a hurry to take me to his country so that is why i did not send the prepaid ATM visa card to you by myself.
Therefore feel free to get in touch with him and he will send the prepaid ATM visa card to you without delay.
Please do not forget to contact the new Reverend father Paul Christian. and ask him to send to you the prepaid ATM visa card which i gave to him for you. as i explain all your effort to him before my travel to London United Kingdom, because i may not have chance to be writing to you because am too busy now with my husband. All your communication should be with the Reverend. father, as i will not like to have any problem with my husband because of distraction or over staying in the computer writing all the time to you about this bank draft.
So i will not be responding to your mail for now.
God be with you, But contact our Reverend father now with email ( )
Yours friend, Jessica
Hello my dear, how are you doing.

How is life with you and people around you? I hope all is well with you.
I really can t understand my reason for doing this, but I am very happy now to inform you about the success of my life as i am now in the University School of Advanced International Studies in Ukraine, and my husband too is doing well, but due to the willingness and concern you showed during the time i was in pain at Senegal refugee camp, for which i decided to compensate you and show my appreciation to you with the sum of $250,000.00, US Dollars). But i was told recently by Senegal UBA bank that you didn t receive the gift ATM visa card which i left for you.

The ATM visa card was good because you can use the ATM visa card to withdraw money from any ATM machine worldwide, with a maximum of US$2,000 daily.

But last month i was able to visit Senegal refugee camp where i left years back, and i also went to the UBA Bank to ask them the reason why you didn t receive your ATM CARD, but the bank told me that you were unable to pay for the delivery and insurance fee of your ATM card that the card is still there with them at the bank so i instructed the Bank to transfer the money to you through WESTERN UNION money transfer so that it will be easy for you to cash the money in your country.
The money could not be sent to you due to allocated security code.
The BANK OF SENEGAL has approval to send the cash through western union Money Transfer.
I also want to let you know that i have been in contact with the WESTERN UNION OFFICER in charge of money transfer
Therefore, you have to follow all the Instructions on this for the successful wire transfer.
I was unable to complete this as a result of non-availability of your current information at hand.
So you are required to send your Full information to the Western Union Agency to effect this post.
FULL NAME..............
MOBILE PHONE:............

In order to resolve this long delay problem, ensure that you send an E-mail with your information below to the Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department with the following e-mail Address.
E-mail : ( )
Contact the Western Union Today with the above email address.
As soon as this mention information is received by the WESTERN UNION AGENT, the Money shall be sent to you via Western Union or from The Western Union Transferring Bank.
Your happy Jessica

ja 13000