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Hello dear

First of all thank you for writing back and given me you contact.My name is Mavis and am 33yrs old and will be 34 next month.My real parent are no more they die when i was 12 my mom die and in 4months my dad also die.Am now living with my grandma in west Africa Ghana.Grandma is the only true family i have .Am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with,Not jest someone but a real man,Someone who know the meaning of true love .Will be waiting to hear from you if you are interested

Thank you so much for being so honest with me that tll me alot about you xxx.By the way how are you doing today.Your words have touch my heart you are already wining my heart with your words cos everything you said tell me you are a honest man and that is what am looking for ,To me the true meaning of love is Honest,kind,understanding and trust.My first date on the internet was bad and make my mind not to let any man in my life again but with time i keep faith that not all man are like that.Let me tell you are it...
It is a long story but i will make it short and for you to understand.....Oneday i met this guy who s name is Henry from Spain and he proposed to me and i agreed he first told me he want to know more aboutt me and also said he is ineterested in me... .I told him all what i have to tell him...and afer that he proposed and i agreed not knowing i was a fool in love... I trusted him very well. And oneday as i was chating with him. he told me that, he really want me to come to the state so that we will marry each other. So he told me to go to the SPAIN EMBASSY here in ghana and ask how much it will cost for me to come to the SPAIN... I was very happy thinking he is the man sent from the LORD JESUS CHRIST to wipe off my tears.

I went to the embassy and i was directered to talk to the HEAD of the embassy.I spoke with the head of the embassy for 3 Hours and he said he will help me to get my papers. So he Listed the prices before me and i wrote them and i quickly sent them as an email to Henry. So i met Henry online and we talked about it ....and he said i should tell the head of the embassy to start with the papers. And he also told me to tell the head of the embassy to start with the pappers and that he will send the payment for it after the pappers are ready. ...i did as he says ..not knowing i was a fool to do the director Mr.Samson finished with the papers and asked me to bring the payment and take my papers.....

So i called Henry on a phone and i made him spoke with the head of the Embassy at that moment.. And he told the Head of the Embassy that he will send the payment within 2 Hours. So i waited at the Embassy for 5 Hours. I didn t hear from Henry again.. I thought he was finding it difficult to send the payment. So i decided to send him an email to know what is going on. Henry replied saying i should never contact him again and if i do contact him he will serisoely deal with. And he also Told me that He is not intrestered in me Again.

So i should look for another man. I was confused thinking henry was joking. He called the Head of the Embassy and insultered him very well. So the head of the Embassy got Angry with me.I didn t know what to do. I was very Sad.I called Hnery But he did not pick up the Phone..So now the the head of the Embassy said i have wasted his time and also made him used his money to do everything for me knowing i will fulfill my promise but i did the only thing he will do is to send me to i pleaded with him and pleaded but he said that he is not going to agree all what i am saying to him.... I was very Sad. I kneeled Down on the floor and pleaded to the Head of the Embassy But he did not accept. He called two men to Hold me. And he called the Police to arrest me. Oh my God. I was crying Telling him am innocent But he did not listen to me.. He Told the police men to take me away he also insulted me and told me that i am a thief.. I was locked up in the prison for 3 Days.. Till my pastor and the church members Contributed to pay for my release.

I was Sad and also made my mind that i will never allow any man in my life.. But i still kept faith in my heart that The Good LORD willl surely welcome a serisoe man in my Life.. That is why i met you.. SO please i dont want you to treat me this way.. Please i beg with the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST...That is if you are still interested....