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Thanks for your respond..i am pretty new to this whole online i like to get to know you more better. i am very open to anything. If you have any question for me , let me know and I will answer you with all my honesty.
Questions for you:
1. Where you born at?
2. What are you really looking?
3. Your real name?
4. What do you like to do in your free time?
5. Have any goals in life?
6. What do you for a living?
7. Do you have kids?
8. Have you ever been married before?
9. Do you have yahoo messenger?
10.Are you still single?
11..How old are you ?
12.How long have you been single?
13.What do you do for a living I mean ur work?
14.What are you looking for in a relationship?
15.What do you like about me ?
I will be glad if you can give me good responds to my questions . I will like to get meet you someday . Kindly tell me little more about you self . Ok
Hoping to hear from you soon
How are you doing..I am so happy that you write me Back,i really feel like getting to know you more and more,i am very open minded so you can share more about yourself with me..I am 21 yrs..i am single never been been married before and no kids...I m xxx Long hair with xxx-eyes 5 8"and 150 lb ,,i live in New York,Staten Island.My name is Ivana Williams.I m a gentle girl,loyal,family oriented,soft,passionate,trustworthy girl.I m easy going and outgoing.I m a lady full of fun,i seem to be seriously wanting to meet the man of my life.I am the type of person that can have fun doing anything. I like to kid and joke around and I feel as though I have a great sense of humor. Such a great sense that I am the only one that gets my jokes sometimes.I am really laid back and I don t get upset very easily. I pride myself on having an open mind and not judging other people.I enjoy staying active by running, biking,hiking,reading,swimming and traveling.Also during the summer I like to find time for camping, canoeing, and road trips.But I also like to go out and enjoy a night out on the town... I like to travel and try new things.Like i said i can have fun doing anything..I am seeking a caring,understanding and honest man who must have a great sense of humor and must know how to treat a lady bcos somehow i loved to be pampered.I love kids,i love dancing(Its part of my life)I am all for cuddling and hugging and holding each other as much as possible.I love spontaneous actions and surprises.I love to be hugged from behind when i m cooking in the kitchen. I love to cook,love sports, take walks on the beach,i love to travel.I never got to know any of my family including my dad,mom,and other relatives i was raised up at a orpanage home,tell me more about yourself and what you looking for in a woman.My dad is originally from Croatia ..i have gone through alot in my life..I will like to know more about you and see some of your pictures...hope to read from you soon.Ivana
Hey thats me i hope you like what you see..
Its nice reading little in your profile . I think you sound so nice and caring. I am single with no kids looking to get along with someone who knows what he want in life and what he s looking for in a relationship.Well more about me. I m single with no kids.I am 5 8ft tall , 150lbs ,xxx hair,xxx eyes. I have alot of interest in who am looking for in life . I want someone serious,someone to cuddle with infront of a fire,someone who will know how to love and that is ready for a longterm relationship...I want a man who is honest,caring,open-minded,trustworlthy,who will cherish me with love and care,passionate,humble,loyal,good personalty,goals oriented,affectionate,reliable,good hearted,and many more. I want someone who share same interest with me and that is ready to settle down someday.someone who will make me happy and that will be willing to share life together with who will love me and that i will love aswell .someone who knows how to treat the heart of a woman with love and care.someone that i can talk to at any time,one who will listen and will be ready to have the time for me whenever . I will like to get to know you more better.
Are you still single?
How old are you ?
How long have you been single?
What do you do for a living I mean ur work?
What are you looking for in a relationship?
What do you like about me ?
I will be glad if you can give me good responds to my questions . I will like to get meet you someday . Kindly tell me little more about you self . Ok
Hoping to hear from you soon
Thanks for writing me back and thanks for your care...I will be very happy if you can be there for me and make me happy in life again. I am ready to go for what i want in life.... I believe Money and power only last for hours, but friendship and love withstand the sky above ...

I also believe A special friend is a blessing that someone should treasure with all heart...A friend is someone who will always be there when everyone else fails..Well I really need someone i can start a new life together with... someone who can cherish me with love and true care. honest and caring person that i could share my bad mood situation with..

I will be so happy if you can be there for me. I am not happy at all and am needing someone to talk to about it cuz am in a bad mood now and i don t know how to help it all alone.I will tell you if you care to know about it and have me as a friend. But i want you to know that am really looking for someone special,someone who will accept me for who i am,someone who will cherish me and be willing to share life s greatest with joys and sorrows with whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, loving and wants a life time of passion....

I promise to do so to the one that want me and would accept me... I really wish you could give me a chance so i can explain all that had made me so sad to you if you really care to be with me ..You may hate me or not need me after all my mistakes in life... I am hoping to get a better life and i also want you to know that i am a good Christian and it doesn t matter if you are not but i am trying to let you know the kind person i am, i don t want you to feel bad about that I am a Christian and i practice Christianity ... so many will ask you what is this Christianity ...

Christianity is a practice of faith, yet many of us struggled to make people know that we love God, I guess I m really here to find someone that I can really just take has my friend to take care of me and him self . I don t think we need to have everything in common but just the willingness to support one another and open our minds to new things. Probably the most important qualities I m looking for are a big heart and someone that will try to constructively communicate their thoughts and feelings. I am a compassionate caring, and giving woman and look for the same qualities in a man..