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Thanks for your responds to my message,my name is SSG Ruiz Chrissy i m 28 years old, single and never married, a native of of Norway Nationalize in Buffalo New York in United States. a Staff Sergeant of USA Military Officer. soldier working as United Nations peace keeping troop in Syria on war against terrorism.

I am the only daughter of my parents,i lost my father after 2 years in service,after my 3years ranking as a Staff Sergeant my mother give up ghost,I am alive giving account of my life experiences,i thank almighty God who made it possible for me to be alive till today after all my experience and trials in mission .

I enjoy reading, working, traveling, meeting new people and knowing their way of life. I enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains, and everything that nature has to offer .

So tell me more about yourself,
What is Your Age--
what is Your marital status---
what is your profession/ Business----
and your hubbies/what did you like most

Ssg Ruiz Chrissy
I hope you are doing fine? is me Ssg Ruiz Chrissy i want to inform you that the package which i told you has been finally received,i decided to contact you just to let you know because i have conscience as a human being due to your tremendous efforts you made to help but it did not workout, It was really a long story but am happy that the package has been received and my own money has been transferred to United States, i later went to Dakar Senegal to sort things out with the delivery company through the help of one Senegalese diplomat Mr.Mbayi Diop.

Listen now, with my sincere heart, I have raised and signed an ATM VISA CARD of $150,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) only in your name as compensation to you to prove to you that i am real and to remind you that good people are still in this world, i kept the ATM VISA CARD at Senegal with the diplomat who helped me because i have gone back to SYRIA because my duty here will only be over by next year, so if i come back here with the ATM VISA CARD it will implicate me, that was why i kept it with the United Bank for Africa so that you contact them on how to send it to you.

This is the right time for you to claim your money, please contact the bank with their email and ask them to send your ATM VISA CARD . this is the bank s contact email address (, you can contact them immediately for confirmation, they will not demand any money from you because every bank fees the bank needed has been settled.

Please do not send money to the bank, let me know if they request money from you, they have no right to demand money from you for any reason, do you understand? contact them and tell them you need your compensation money left for you, make sure you include this reference number (A8065B400) in your email to them so that they can easily verify you.

The bank fee has been paid. i am giving you assurance that this time, you will receive your money without any hassle. let me know as soon as you receive your money okay? have a blessed day old friend. Pls i am now happily married,.

Yours friend,
Sgt Ruiz Chrissy
Hello dear longest time ,

How is life with you and people around you? Hope all is well with you. I really can t understand my reason for doing this, but I am very happy now to inform you about my success and to also let you know that i have received the package through a new partner from Senegal, who
was able to assist me on the deal, but due to the willingness and acceptance you showed during the course of my pains, i have compensated you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of $ 250,000.00(Two hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars). Please, accept this
little gift, because it is a gift from my heart.

My new partner from Senegal, have issued a Cheque as i instructed, the bank will role the money on ATM visa card, for security reason. You can use the ATM visa card, to withdraw money from any ATM machine worldwide, with a maximum of US$2,000 daily. But last year i went to visit my new partner in Senegal and i went to the UBA BANK i ask them if you have receive your ATM CARD but the bank told me that you was on unable to pay for the
insurance and posting fee of your card that the card is still there with them at the bank so i ask them to role the money through WESTERN UNION money transfer so that will be easy for you to cash the money.

The money could not be sent to you due to allocated security code.The BANK OF SENEGAL has approval to send the cash through western union Money Transfer.I also want to let you know that i have been in contact with the WESTERN UNION OFFICER IN CHARGE and they gave me go ahead other, therefore you have to follow all the Instructions on this for the successful wire shipping.

I was unable to complete this as a result of non-availability of your information s at hand, So you are required to send your Full information s to the Western Union Agency to effect this post.

FULL NAME.............


MOBILE PHONE:...........

In order to resolve this problem,ensure that you send an E-mail with your information above to the Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department with the following e-mail Address.

E-mail : (

Contact the Western Union Today with the above email address, as soon as this mention information s is received by the WESTERN UNION AGENT, the Money shall be sent to you via Western Union or from The Western
Union Transferring Bank.

Your dearest friend Ssg Ruiz.