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I am Mrs, Keren Henry, how are you and your family, please I have an important message for you and I need your reply thanks

Thanks Yours sincerely
Mrs, Keren.
Dear Mrs. Henry,

thank you for your mail. I am honest. I can t imaging the content of your mail. What kind of importance do you have for me.

Best regards
Simon Vögler
Hello My beloved one,

Thank you very much for your response to my mail, I m Keren Henry, I am from Indonesia but my husband is from Vietnam and we live in the UK, Sorry I did not write the language well because I was still learning the language OK,

Like I said before. I am from Indonesia but my husband is from Vietnam and we live in United Kingdom, I lost my husband on August 16, 2016. Meanwhile i have been struggling with cancer for long time and my doctor said that the present stage is uncontrollably and I have a few months more to live. Before the death of my husband, he work a contract with the British government worth of 4.7 Million Dollars, but death took him away before the money is sent to my bank account, my husband was a philanthropist before his death, he also encouraged me to help poor peoples, because since we got married we have not been able to have any child,

Because of the condition of my health i have sent two million dollars to my home town (Indonesia) and have deposited (USD $ 700,000.00) to the hospital for my medication, i will like to send the remaining two million dollars to you so that you will help me to give it to the poor peoples and the widows over there in Vietnam as instructed by my late husband since we did not have any children to inherit this money, Please do not discriminate on religion, race, ethnicity when handling this project. Try to reply me immediately for more information. May God bless you and your family, I would love to talk to you on the phone , but the problem is that i do not know the language and can not speak well due to pains , please keep this information very secret , never tell anyone about this money at all for security reasons,

I will stop here for now and I will be waiting for your response soon

Thanks Yours Sincerely
Mrs, Keren.
Hello, My Dear Good Friend, Happy new day to you.

This is Mrs. Keren Henry, Who contacted you some Months ago over the receiver of the fund to your care and use it to help poor peoples and the widows in your country as earlier stated in my proposal; I am sending you this mail to remind you of how I concluded with the said money transfer. I am thanking you very much for the least assistance you gave me then and at this, I intend to pay you back good for good. I am very successful with the transferring of the funds which I contacted you for assistance then which is completed by someone who is 100% willing to do the work.

I am happy to announce this to your hearing that as I am now residing in (Australia) as the funds has been transferred completed to someone that can do the work of God. So on your part, I have Compensated you with the sum of ($50,000) fifty thousand US dollars for showing concerned to me which I gave Bank manager on your behalf and the bank manager gave it to the bank for ATM Card but.

Please, I want you to accept it as a gift from the deep of my heart. I signed a draft cheque of $50,000 US Dollars on your behalf which I left to DHL with file KTU/ 9023118308/04 with the Help of Senegal Law. I am sending this mail to you now because Bank Manager contacted me now to inform me that he has been transferred to GAMBIA (Another country after Senegal in West Africa) But before he moved out he went and deposited your draft cheque to Western Union Money Transfer head office in Senegal.

In order to receive your Draft Cheque/money now, ensure that you send an email to Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department Senegal with the following email ( )

My dear, I may not have the chance to send you mail again as my husband is watching my movements OK, All contact should be between you and Western Union
Solicitors Fund Verification Department Senegal.
Thanks once more and GOD bless you and your entire family Amen.
Mrs. Keren Henry.