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Hello xxx,

I am really new to this online dating stuff and i haven t meet anyone yet through online dating personals but i am willing to get to know you and get to understand your motives and intention towards me. I believe once i am been sincere and honest about my kind of person and i am able to help you understand who i really am i think you will be more comfortable getting to know more about me. I would like to tell you more about me and i will make this email open and honest just to help you understand more of my kind of person. My name is Lyneen Scott, i am 32 years of age born on June 28 1977. I am the only child of my parents, i am also single and no kids yet but i am willing to have one with the one God has sent to me as my Husbands. My dad is from Australia and my mum is from Peru. My dad is a contractor while my mom is a Teacher. My dad and mom got to meet in Australia and that s were i was born. I grew up with Both dad and mom but i lost my Dad in a car accident on Dec 31 2002.... I believed in my self and i stayed faithful to myself and i believed in Christ. I have a degree in Accounting but right now i am on a contract in United Kingdon London precisely. Working on my project in supplying clothing and textile materials for some fabrics company i just hope i can win the contract to achieve my aim been a fashion designer. But all is based on my interest and i am also working on some other stuff too. So once i am through here in the United Kingdom i will be heading back to the Australia and i hope i can achieve my aim and get marry to start my own family life, This is my 4th week in United Kingdom and i have only some more weeks left then i head back home. I hope i haven t bored you with my life story and experience anyway. I just want to let you know more about my past and present and i am willing to get to know more about your kind of person too as well. I believe you will be happy as well to be totally open and tell me more about you and your personalities. I hope to hear from you soon so i can tell you more of want i am really interested in and what i do in my leisure time. Take good care of yourself and say hi to everyone over there for me.

Best Regards
Hello xxx,

Its my very good pleasure to read from you and to also know quite so much about you from the little you ....... and it is nice to know that we are very alike in some values. I am glad to know that you seem to be the easy going type. I see myself as the same.. I am looking for a man who is mature and knows what he wants. There is something about the way you talked about yourself that kinds of endears me more to you. I will like to know much more about you, and would like to ask you some questions below, and i hope to get your true honesty in the answers :

What do you like in Me ?
Are you a player or for real ?
Do you want to have more kids ?
Tell me more about yourself ?
What you do for a fun and in your free time ?
Whats your favorite vacation spot ?
Whats your favorite color ?
Whats your favorite scent ?
How many hours a day do you work ?
Do you like the beach ?
Whats your best attribute ?
Do u drive? what car ?
Do like movies ?
What color of roses do you like ?

I will look out for your mail soon, and hope to get this answers so i can know much more about you. I would also love for you to send me some of your pictures so that i can see more of you, and also always have them. Hope to read back from you soonest.
yours always,
Hello xxx,

Happy to hear from you again and it s so nice getting to know more about your feelings for me, I know you are such a sincere and honest person and your words are truth. I am interested in you and with time we will get to understand each other very...... I am really a sincere and honest and caring lady, kind, friendly and very easy to get along with, also am a social type, hopeless romantic, passionate. smart, intelligent, cool headed, adaptive, and i have a big heart and i do believe in the truth. I know it s hard to be completely honest but i try to be who i am and do my best in loving you.
No one can change who i am or my personalty cause i believe in myself and my life is based on truth. Because i know the kind of person i am and the way i treat others..... I really do care a lot about others who care for me. I will really like to know your motives and intention about me cause my intention is to have a solid relationship with you, and know your kind of person and build up a relationship with you and hopeful we can meet in person soon may be you can come to me or you want me to come to you ... and express our feelings to each other. I am really looking for a man who s completely honest and sincere about his words and feelings who s ready for a long term relationship and can build up a family with me .. I want a man who i know i can have faith and completely trust with all my heart, cause to make a standard relationship it must really be based on trust. love and trust are one big family
Well..... I believe in devoting my time to my loved one and making you real happy cause his my own family and i always do look forward to that day i will get to meet you. And i know when you gets to meet me you will be so happy to get along with my kind of person too... This is a bit about my personality which i would like to tell you. I like to listen to music and i like to swim, camp, shopping and read and dance too.... music is really part of my life and i cant do without listening to music in a day.. and my kind of music is R and B and a bit of jazz and hip hop with country blues. well i don t really have lots of hobbies, but at least i know how to have fun by myself or with others and i like to hang out with sincere and honest man.
I am 5.6ft, Slim body type, xxx eyes and xxx hair.. but i know i look cool and sexy too, and i take care of my skin and body as a fashion designer you have to look cool so u can look different from others ... well that s how i treat my self good in the fashion industry.. i like to make my own things more beautiful but i don t want to be the center of attraction.
My work does take much of my time but its not something i cant complain of but i think i will have to quite work for some while ...... so i am looking up to start my own Modeling company but i am looking forward in settling down soon and probably be relocating.I think i will be getting back soon but i am looking forward to have my own place when i return. Well i will try and end this email now as i need to get some things done .............. thinking so much about you and will look for your next email and hopefully you will be able to tell me more about you and lets get to know each other, have a lovely week and have a great day and take good care of yourself.

Best Regards
Dearest xxx ,

I find your emails so interesting and i have gotten to understand a little more about your kind of person. I know you are also looking for someone to be with and share your heart with. True love is not been found in one night, we have to go through allot of series of relationship to get to meet someone we do love and cherish. I just want to let you know that i find it interesting communicating with you and i am happy you are willing to get to know me even more better, i wont be asking, if you are ready for serious relationship as i know if you are not you would have not respond to my email at first. I have no time waste and cheat on anyone feelings or intentions because i do have my own feelings too and i have not pray for any man to cheat on me or play with my heart and i also treat others the way i love to treat myself and its a thing you should know that i will never treat myself bad. I care about peoples feelings so much and i don t hurt peoples feelings because i know how it is when someone is been hurt deep down. I am a very sincere and honest person and i am looking for someone to love and share my heart with. Someone to show every bit of my heart with
and someone i know who ready to love me and take me for who i am. I know of some people that they let there past still follow them to there present life and it s still affecting them in choosing there right person. I have left my past and right now i am looking forward to how my present will be so beautiful and i will be happy with someone i know i care about and love. A man needs to show that he is committed to a relationship for the lady to be able to see a good reason why she should be completely submissive...... Been committed into a relationship really does matters and it helps allot because both of them will be able to see seriously from each other and knowing that they are ready for more than just a relationship. I believe once i am able to commit myself and my heart in a relationship i think the man should do the same thing because for me to be committed that will help him to know more of my kind of person and know my intentions and motives towards him, as for me, i always have good intentions and motives towards people because i have such a caring heart and i don t think bad of anyone and i don t look down on anyone. I believe that is the way you should to be treated and that s the way you should treat your wife and your friend.
The strength of a relationship is the way its been built. There is so much that needs to be committed to a relationship from the very start if you want to have a beautiful relationship and a long lasting one... When you decided to build a relationship with less commitment and don t show much care and love from the very start there will certainly be a problem in the middle of that relationship. So what it takes to have a wonderful relationship depends on the way its been started. I am a very open person and i have no reason to hide anything about me. My heart is completely open towards sharing my kind of person with someone i find worthy enough to share my heart with and love. I know its not east to be in love but at the same thing we need to care for who we share our heart with because i don t think you are willing to get hurt or i am willing to get hurt either. I am trying to be completely honest with you now, because i want you to know what a relationship means to me and if that is what you are really looking for, I think there shouldn t be any problem been open towards each other. I think my been serious now is because i am looking for a someone to love and live a life with and someone i know is also looking for a long term relationship like me and hoping to move ahead too on the relationship. xxx a bit about my work..... It has been so slow with me down here and i have just been trying to get some few things sorted out but the situation at hand seems to be so critical and i just wonder what next is to be done to save my time and to get things done because i really need to get back home soon and start something new probably, will be settling down with someone i know i am ready to share my heart with.I hope you are doing just fine and you are taking good care of yourself for me.... (smiles). I wish to meet you soon and i pray my emails has been able to help you to understand my kind of person and what i am really looking for in life and the kind of man i want to share my heart with. I will look forward in hearing from you soon
Best Regards
Good morning i have not read from you ...i hope all is well.
My Hubby xxx,
I hope you are taking good care of yourself for me. I find your words to me so inspiring and i wish we could meet right now. I have been looking for someone all this while to share my heart and my feelings with and it seems you are beginning to be like that person
because the truth of your words has really helped me to know what you are really looking for and the type of woman you want to spend your time with.I believe once we are able to get to know each other even more better things will fall in the right place because to be so honest i am looking for someone to love and someone to have a family with. I am always serious when it comes to sharing my words and my feelings with someone because i know its only when
you find me worthy enough thats when you will be able to share your feelings with me too as well. I hope you already know my motives and intensions towards you and i hope with time you will be able to tell me what you think about me.
I am a very easy going lady and i take my time in doing things. I don t want to rush into any relationship again right now and rush out thats why i am taking all my time to know what you think about me what you feel about me and what my intentions and motives are
towards me. I am looking forward to having a beautiful relationship with someone who is ready to be loved and i pray you are ready to be loved. I don t love for money or for materials things i am looking forward to be happily in love. The mistakes most ladies make is they
are always interested in the material things but a relationship is more than we ladies looking into that. There is so much happiness to be sincerely committed to a relationship then you will be able to know your worth in that relationship and she will be able to know her worth too. A Relationship needs total commitment and i am looking forward to spend my time pleasing the one that i love. From your word i see that you are also looking for someone to spend your time with and have a family with.If you ain t looking for someone to be with you shouldn t have been on match looking for your better half. I just hope this relationship we are begining will head to someone great and both of us will be happy sharing our feelings with each other. I know once you are able to know what i truelly feel About you, you will get to share more of your feelings with me. My words comes from the deepest part of my feelings because there is so much within me i would love to share with the right person and as to let you know i am looking for a long term relationship leading to a committed one to which we will both someday get married with kids.I respect marriage so much that i am not ready to settle down with someone who is not in for a serious committed relationship leading to marriage.The end product of a commited relationship is a true marriage. I am just letting you to know this because i am looking for someone to spend my entire life with and a guy i know i cant do without.I have gone through series of relationship and i havent found what i am realy looking for but once i find my true man i will not let him slip of my hands. I just hope you find what you are looking for in me because i am begining to find you so interesting and i am liking you more when i get to read your emails I hope with this email it will help you to know a little more about my potentials and what i am looking for in life. I just hope things goes well between us and we are able to spend time together soon.Well work for me hasn t been so easy at all
because right now i thought to have returned back home but there is a suply i made to a company and they haven t paid me yet so i am waiting on the payment but they told me to call back in 6 weeks which is kind of frustrating for me because i have put all my money in the work and i was hoping when i get paid from them i will use part of it to pay some debts and part of it to buy my return ticket back home.... i am
scared i wont loose all that i have worked on. I pray it wont happen and there is no one i could run to right now to help me out because i really don t know anyone down here to help my situation. I hope i haven t bored you with my words....... I hope things goes well for
me and you. Take good care of yourself and stay happy

Bye for now

I have not read from you ... hope every thing is going on fine ? i am missing you every time i looked at your pictures on my computer desktop.... hope you are missing me too
have a great day.