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How are you? This is me, Alina! Thank you that you gave me your
e-mail address and we can continue our communication! I like you and i
want know you better!! I want tell you more about me! I live in Lisichansk,
this is little town in Ukraine. I am 24 years old. In my free time i
like meet with my friends and go for a walk with my dog!! She is name is
Romashka this is in English will be camomile!I sent to you our photo
and i hope that you like it!! Do you have pets? I like my life, but i
have not something very important! This is
love and that is why i am here! I want try find my man here and i
believe that i can do this! I am looking serious relationships and i
am honest girl! What about you?? what you looking here? What you like
in woman?
I wish know you better and i hope that you can tell me more about you
and your life!
Can i see your photos, please??
I wish you have a nice day and will be wait your reply with photos!
Thank you, Alina.
Hello Janiek!
I am very happy receive your answer with your photo!!! i
like you so much! You very very cute on it!!! :0)
I want say that i am waiting your letter and i am very happy that
we can start our meeting!!
I want tell you more about me! Well, as you know my name is Alina.
I am 24 years old and soon i have my Birthday! It will be 8 of September.
I work as a shop assistant, we sale clothes for women! I like my work,
because i like help women find something special for her! :0)
What about you?? You like your work?
I graduate economical college and i want enter at university and get
high education!
I live in very small town, Lisichansk! This is near Lygansk.
Why i am here?? Like i told in my previous letter i want find serious
relationships and i want find my husband here! I am very serious about it!
My friend find on dating site her husband and now she is happy and move from
Ukraine! She have family and her dream came true! Why i can not??
I hope that you serious too..... Right?? What you like in woman?
Dear Janiek I am very happy that we can continue our communication and
know each other better!! You can be free at your ask and you can ask me all
what you want know about me! I will be with love answer on all your questions!
I wish you have a nice day today and will be wait your next letter with photos!!!
Hugs, Alina from Ukraine.