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Hey there, how is your day?
I am Raikhan.
I m from Karaganda, it s in Republic of Kazakhstan. Have you heard anything about my country?
Now I m thirty years of age, my date of birth is on Dec 27th, 1988. I m 169 centimeters, weight is around 53 kilos.
In the near future, I may have an opportunity to move overseas for an international internship. I will probably go to your area. It will be wonderful to meet up with you in person. How do you like my plan? After a short while, I m going to find out all the aspects regarding my trip.
I never smoked cigarettes and haven t played around with any kind of narcotics.
I might appear forward or shameless, however, I think that I m a very loving, sensitive and friendly young lady.
Yet still single, people can t be completely happy when alone. I actually lost my mum and dad as a kid, in a car wreck. I ll be thankful if we won t bring this up again, as it really is agonizing for me to recall. Things go on so does life, so we need to stay positive, they will always stay in my heart.
I happen to be in search of somebody who ll adore, love and have faith in me. These are the key elements for establishing a real bond, I believe.
My heart and soul are not taken and I m free for new feelings. In my gentleman, I would like to find, simple things like good sense of laughter and humor as well as dependability.
Now, I would like to read everything about yourself. What is your lifestyle, what are you doing apart from work, the place you live in and all the little things that maybe not important to some, but can define you as a person?. Will you be interested in a true union? Hopefully, we can continue our chat and find a basic understanding of each other.
Make sure you reply with your pics, so will I in response.
Your brand-new girly friend,