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Hey person Dear stranger, I want to see how much you are interested in searching and acquaintance with new and wonderful woman? My name is Svetlana. Iam hope to your like my foto. I m also looking person with which my life will quiet and remarkable. I am very cheerful, kindly and positive girl. But I still have single and yet very tired of kind of life. So I went to a dating site and got you email. In fact, I m look for real man for a serious friendship and even wedding in future. The most important is my goal I wish to look a companion to my lonely life! I very much hope that you are it s a person. I ll be happy if we can find our common interests and our meeting is most wonderful moment in our later life. Now I do not know how much you are interested in continue our conversation therefore in greater detail I ll write about myself later! I ll wait your letter.

Interested? Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox:

See you soon, Svetchik!
Hello Werner !

Forgive me for having late replied to your letter. But your letter was
in the basket (spam). I do not know why this happened. Maybe this
Any error ... Maybe my mail filter is configured incorrectly?
Now everything is all right! I added your address to the “good mail� list, and
we can continue communication. If you want, of course? I think you
want to know me. If you didn’t want to know me, you wouldn’t write
to me. Right?

I m glad you wrote to me. Hope that in the future we will be very
good friends, and we can more than friends. I do not know what to say
in my first letter, because I m new to this business. It is something
new and unusual for me. I know English well, so
I hope we will have no problems understanding each other. Pity your
the letter is short. I will be happy to read your next letter,
if you write more.

I live in Russia. It s a bit far from you, but I hope it doesn t
will interfere with our communication. Perhaps you don t want more
talk to me .. But if you are ready to communicate with me, then I will tell
more about yourself in the next letter. Agreed?

Today I will not write much. I m just curious to know your thoughts.
about this question. I want to know what you are looking for ???
Serious relationship or a simple flirt? I hope you are a serious
person. I would like to find out you. Tell me something about yourself
..... and ask what you want find out about me?

On this I will finish my letter.

I do not have a letter from you today ... I hope that you are doing
well? I would love to continue to communicate with you. Write as soon
as you have free time. Waiting for an answer. Svetlana
Hello! I have not received letters from you. Hope you had a great
weekend! Here I send my photo. Write me as soon as you read my letter.
Hello! Today I checked my mail and did not receive a response from
you. Are you all right? Hope you want to continue talking? Write the
letter as soon as you can. Waiting for an answer. Svetlana
Hello! I didn t get a response from you ... Are you alright? I have a
question. Are you interested in chatting with me? Do you want to
continue our communication? I understand if you are busy working.
Write as soon as you read my letter. Waiting for an answer. Svetlana
Hello! I have not received letters from you. Are you all right ?? Hope
you have a great weekend. Write me tomorrow how you spent your
weekend. Waiting for an answer. Your Svetlana