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How are you?
My name is Anastasia Dolgan . My age is 27. I live in a city Ljubljana.
I single. I focused on serious relationship.
In a man for me important confidence in tomorrow and, of course, the ability to rely on in any difficult situation.
The main thing in life for me is family. Also for me main in a relationship understanding each other and comfort.
I will write a little about myself.
I I do not smoke or drink alcohol, in my free time I do fitness, read literature, listen to music.
I love spend time alone. I do not attract noisy parties.
Probably you will ask a question how I have found you?
Your mailbox address gave me a dating agency.
Most likely, you ask where did they get your email address? I I have no idea,
how a dating site found your mailbox address.
After registering on the site, I filled out a questionnaire,
what man am I looking for to the agency found a man who will suit me.
Agency gave me your mailbox address. But there is one problem in that my subscription is free,
so I know nothing about you.
I do not have your photo, I do not know in which country you live, in your city and what important,
how old are you. Nothing I do not know. Therefore, if you want to continue further communication,
please tell us about yourself.
Later, when we get to know each other better, we can communicate via Skype.
I seek only friendship and love.
Give me an answer to my mailbox address, if you are interested in getting to know me. This is my mail .
Best regards, Anastasia !