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Good day!;)
I hope you all are well?
I I hesitate to write to you a little.
Probably, you are surprised.
I the girl constraining and for me a little difficultly to go the first on contact.
But I have collected all boldness and, I hope, that you are not annoyed with me for this letter.
I will write about myself a little.
I usual the girl who in search for friends and love on all planet.
I love to find for new friends for dialogue.
I think, we the dialogue developing into something more in due course will be fastened.
the lonely girl. But I I do not long in this occasion.
Because I hope, that shortly I will find the partner in life. I think, that distance for you not the problem.
We live during time, when it is possible to communicate easily on distance. If we have a mutual liking we without problems can meet you.
Now planes fly to any point of the world and all it occurs very quickly.
I live in Russia, but I plan to move in the future to other country.
Please, answer nothing my letter if you have no desire in acquaintance and the further dialogue with me.
Also if you are confused with distance. If you interest dialogue with me write to me, and I will tell to you more about myself.
I have attached a photo that you could to estimate me.
As, in case of your interest, I wait your photo and write pair of words about. This is my email !
Best regards, your Angel!