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Hello Birger!
I am very glad you responded to my letter.
As you already know my name is Svetlana .I m 25, I live in Russia in the city of Ivanovo.
I can only hold a dialogue in English, so I ll just write in English. I ask you to read my letter carefully, because I know what I think of what I write.
Based on your answers, I ll be watching, whether it makes sense to continue our dialogue further or not.
To be honest, I do not like to be ignored. Just so happens that I tell people about you, you can say that open the soul, but just ignore it. By sending me letters just stale, and even sometimes forget to change the name of the letter. This is very offensive to me and caused a lot of pain in the past, I do not want this to happen again.
Just do not worry, I m not angry. Do not jump to conclusions, read my letter to the end and even then draw conclusions. In fact, I was very good and friendly. It just makes life being careful and often rough due to many cases of fraud and evil.
Really like me, and I see that you care about.
Who knows what the end will have our correspondence, but I hope that you and I will be a minimum of dear friends.
I am a student and now I am in Ivanovo state medical Academy. But more about that in my next letter.
First to start a dialogue, I want to say right away that the money I earn work as a photographer, weddings, celebrations, anniversaries.
I like people who do not fear the negative opinions of others about themselves, I like people who are not afraid of the open expression of desire.
I m sorry if my English is not very good. I could speak English , but, unfortunately, I am writing in bad English .
I hope you understand what I m writing to you. If you do not understand something, ask me about this.
I like to have fun, I love jokes, anecdotes, and I am very cheerful disposition. With me will never get bored.
With regard to age. I think the age is not important in the relationship between human beings. The most important thing is the ability to love and respect! It s just love real man really knows! The soul of a pure heart and the most important components of the person. The age does not matter.
As the saying goes, love knows no age.
I appreciate and love the people that are close to me. I sincerely hope that we will be very close, because you really like.
Very rarely happens to me, someone I loved at first sight. They are very demanding.
But you did something once attracted. I do not know what. It is just like me on a subconscious level.
You know how it happens, like a person, like another. All at a subconscious level. I understand very well the people.
I do not want to brag, but it s true. Even if you are not too old, I
was 25, but I had a hard life, and I had to grow up quickly.
I m just waiting for someone to be protected, but I just hope for me. It taught me to enjoy every moment of life, never to lose heart and do not complain destiny. In fact, we have the fate of the creators. Do you agree with me?
I also want to discuss as soon as a problem, a lot of hype on the internet, I was faced with this, talking to people before.
Lie with more lies and sometimes even think that meets with no man, but with a computer program.
I want to be sure you re a real person, I want to call you.
I want to hear your voice and be confident that you re a real person.
Someone told me that he loved me, making a series of compliments, promising a lot of money, but if I do not like people, I do not do these images for him.
And as soon as people understand each other, immediately disappeared. It was very painful and humiliating for me.
I do not care explicit images, I do very much like them. I love it when I admired, that raises my spirit. But I do not want someone made me.
I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. I would be very interested to learn more!!
Tell me more about myself, about the country, the city where you live. It s very interesting to me.
I have for you and a great demand, please answer all my questions and comment on what you think of everything that I have written. It s very important to me.
Do not forget me, please write as soon as possible.
With best wishes!!
Hello my friend Birger!
I can call you my friend?
I am happy to receive a letter from you, and be grateful for what you want to continue our dialogue.
Please read this letter carefully, this is a very important point, I want to know your opinion.
But I have always appreciated the honesty in a relationship and always tell the truth, and I hate liars.
I love life, and enjoy every moment. But I m trying to live a decent life, that I was ashamed of my actions.
Actually, God sees everything.
I lost most of the photos when the computer was broken. Now I not have lots of photos. If possible, I would ask you to send images, fell and cut, because I have a very slow speed of the internet, and unfortunately, I can not upload photos of a large volume. I use the USB ADSL modem. This system does not work too well, and also not cheap. I pay the megabyte downloaded, and if you load a large number of megabytes, will be expensive.
So I ask you, please reduce the size of images.
Like I said, my internet speed and very low. So I write to you more comfortable just e-mail. Of these modern means of communication such as Skype, Facebook, and various types of messengers, while I can only dream of. The usual e-mail to me, the option most acceptable and convenient.
I will send you new photos and I hope you like it. For me it s important to know what kind of impression you make on my photos.
I also want to see more photos, and I hope you will send new pictures for me.
As I said before, I just want to build a relationship of trust and do not want to hide anything from you.
You are very nice to me, you are very good and pleasant to talk to.
I am not mistaken in you. I want to continue our relationship, I want to know closest to me with you very well. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
I want to tell you more about me. I am 25 years old. I was born September 3, 1993 (astrological sign Virgo), all the rest you can see in my photos. I am an orphan. I have no relatives. My height 172 cm 52 kg I weigh. I have no children. But I love children, and in the future I would like to have two children (boy and girl).
As a child, I grew up in an orphanage (orphanage for children who do not have parents). Are very difficult years, and I was very easy.
But what to do, and been in my life. Now I am horrified to think my life in an orphanage. Poverty, hunger, constant insults. They are very painful to remember those years. And I do not want to talk anymore. All this and much painful for me and please do not ask me about it. I ll tell you later when we know better.
Now I want to tell you about where I live. I live in city Ivanovo Russia. Ivanovo is a city in Russia on the Bank of the Uvod river, the administrative center of the Ivanovo region, endowed with the status of a city district. A population of 406 000. Adulthood (18 years), the state gave me an apartment.
Orphanage and I studied well and was able to get free state medical Academy , where I am now studying at the Faculty of Dentistry.
Perhaps you have a question about why I wrote to you? The next year I finish my studies in medical academy, and very soon (just recently), I come to your home country to practice (internship at the dentist). All documents are ready and I also have a ticket.
But still do not know exactly where I ll be in your country. I just know that the first two weeks, I have to work in the capital of his country.
After two weeks of practice in the capital of his country, I ll go to another city. Can I choose the city or I can stay in the capital. At the time of practice, I will be provided with room and board, in most I paid.
Opportunity to receive training in your country, I received a great school at the Medical Academy. It is a government grant, which helps to develop the skills of young professionals.
I hope that everyone understands. I ll tell you about this in detail in my next letter. Everything is ready, so I soon in your country. I had the desire to find a friend in your country, and my fortune - and came into my life.
My internship will take place 6 months, during which time I will be in your country. I think it s good, we will be able to communicate in real life.
After completing an internship back in Russia in order to complete their training. But in the future I want to leave Russia. I want to sell the apartment and leave the country. At least that is my desire.
My apartment is very small, but not looking at it, and in my personal possession, and I am very happy. Repairs in the apartment that I had done to your taste and desire. I was very comfortable apartment.
To study at university. Because of work and study, I have very little free time, I am often away from home.
And now I will tell you that I like.
In my spare time I like jogging in the morning, and in the winter I go to the stadium to skate.
In the morning I always do gymnastics. I feel almost every day to visit the pool. I like swimming. During the trip works all muscle groups, and this is very good for health. Do you like swimming?
However, I do not like when someone starts to make bubbles in the pool, making the pool jacuzzi I hope you understand what I m talking about. This, of course, fun, not just a very pleasant smell. I hope you do not want to eat, I m afraid to spoil your appetite
In general, I am for a healthy lifestyle. How do you feel about sports?
Hey, wake up Birger I hope you do not fall asleep reading my letter.
I think that the letter was too big, and you re tired of reading it. So I finished my letter.
Write what you think of all this, I d really like to know your opinion. I hope that my letter of your elevated mood.
I look forward to your new email for me.
, Svetlana!