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Hi My Dear Friend
How are you today? I am so glad you accepted my friendship, First, i must to thank you for giving me the opportunity to communicate with you. I like to be open to you because i wish to build a rigid relationship with you which i believe shall yield good fruit for both of us, i am a woman that have seen life, i have been in the social circle for many years, It really does not matter one s age or color or achievement, what matters in our life is nothing but Caring and expression and mostly expression of the heart.

My name is Susana Stephen I am 33 years old, i am from Paris France, i m currently living in Dakar Senegal, where i am working as Adviser with a bank know as Citibank of Senegal, I am a widower with only child, I lost my husband in motor accident last year.

I will like to come to see you face to face when i retire from this job, we have to start with open mind and have faith that we are going to become a very good friends and then see the next thing that would come out of the friendship. we can build a strong and powerful friendship but it will take us only faith, forgiveness and trust to achieve that we cannot just know everything about ourselves just a day and i think that is the more reasons why we need to be in a serious communication exchange messages to build a good and strong friendship, and i am ready for that serious communication. I hope that you would like that to happen as well because happiness and love is another good medicine which will cost us only faith ,forgiveness and trust to obtain it. We would talk on how to meet face to face but that will happen when we have known each other better. Distance and age is not a problem to me as age and distance has nothing to share with true and pure love, i can travel to anywhere in the world just to meet my good friend and see what the future would be like when it comes to the matters of the heart. This is a little briefing about me and i hope to hear from you soon.

Take good care of yourself and stay out of troubles. I hereby attach my photos for you to see how i look like, do get back to me, if you wish that we need to know more about each other by exchanging messages, as for me i will like to correspond with you so that we can know what we have in common, i will appreciate to see your pictures and have a nice day.
Yours Susana Stephen.
Hello my dear Great day to you.
I am so glad for your respond,
Please I chose to contact you for an urgent Business Deal and Project, based on trust, because trust is the glue of life and the most essential ingredient in every effective communication and relationship. Although i know that there is absolutely going to be some doubts in your heart towards the disclosure of my proposal to you, coupled with the fact that so many bad individuals nowadays are massively using the Internet to facilitate their nefarious deeds, thereby making it extremely difficult for genuine and legitimate business class persons to be trusted. But it is my duty as one of the genuine persons, to always make a difference and change the mindset of people towards how they view business proposals through the internet.


Recently my bank was conducting our first quarter auditing investigation over some account balances and fortunately, this investigation involved a client whom i used to be his account officer, but there are circumstances surrounding the deposit made by this particular client with our bank.

The name of this client is. Engineer Abdel Hamdi. he is from Iraq, but lived in Libya with his wife. In 2009. Engineer Hamdi Abdel made a deposit of. $4,800.000. with my bank, but unfortunately, he was killed with his wife in Libya, during the crisis that led to the death of late Muammar Gaddafi, the former leader of Libya.

My bank is willing to release the fund to anybody, who would come forward to claim the fund with all the information and documents concerning the fund. I will provide all the necessary information and documents needed to back you up for the claim, and also to enable the bank release the fund to you as a business partner to Engineer Abdel Hamdi.

I am willing to share the documents with you, but that will be after i read your interest to work with me to execute the deal. You need to keep this as a secret between me and you alone please, because this was meant to be known by the bank s management alone. Even my colleagues does not know that i have a plan to bring in someone to claim the fund as Engineer Abdel Hamdi s business partner. I have also arranged with a lawyer who traveled to Libya, where he obtained the death certificate of Engineer Hamdi Saleh from the Libyan Population Commission.

I have worked with the bank many years, and i have taken time to study the bank s claims procedures. So be rest assured that our security is guaranteed, and the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. This kind of thing happens in every bank around the world, even in your own country, but the people outside the banking industry doesn t know about it. A lot of abandoned funds lay around here in my bank, as a result of abandoned bank accounts, stock holdings, unclaimed life insurance and forgotten pension benefits. The corrupt government officials are the ones looting and embezzling the funds, that is why i want to utilize this opportunity and change my life for better, So if you are interested in the deal, furnish me with the below information.


Full Name:..........
Phone No with code:...........
Marital status ;.................

The information will enable me to file a letter of claim to the appropriate departments for necessary approvals in your favor, before the process of the transaction will begin. Once the fund is successfully transferred to your bank account, we will share it at the ratio of 50% for me, and 35% for you, the remaining 10% will be set aside to clear any expenses or tax that may come up in your bank during the receipt of the fund in your country, and the remaining 5% will be used to establish a charity organization in the memory of late Engineer Abdel Hamdi.

Best Regards,
Yours Susana Stephen.

Hello Good Friend,
Good day to you and how are you over there? This is just to let you know that a good mind does not forget people who are very kid and nice to them as you were to me then.

I am happy to inform you today about my success in getting my inheritance funds transferred under the assistance of my new partner from Africa Senegal whose based in Mexico, he is a successful business man, I am presently in Mexico with him for our investment project with my new partner because we have concluded to marry as husband and wife, last week we left Senegal to Mexico.

Presently I am in Mexico for investment projects with the total sum. Everything was perfectly done because we strike a deal with one of the Lady Accountant who works with the Federal Ministry of Finance Senegal (FMFS) and she rendered a tremendous help to us. My new partner initiated this idea and everything worked out successfully.

Therefore, I left an amount of US$350,000(Three Hundred and fifty thousand US dollars) with the United Bank For Africa (UBA Bank) for you, which would be sent to you only via ATM VISA CARD (for security reasons) before traveling to Mexico with my new partner.

And i have already discussed with the office management and they assured me that they are ready to Process/issue you the ATM visa card through their visa card payment center for you to be making withdrawals of the fund in your country or in any ATM Machine World wide.

It is just a token to appreciate your past efforts in trying to help me to get this funds out when i was in Senegal working in the bank despite the fact that it failed because it was not the appropriate time destined by God. so you have to be fast in contacting the United Bank for Africa immediately you receive this mail ok.

Here blow is the bank contact therefore Contact this bank now to enable them Process/issue and deliver your ATM Visa Card to you as soon as possible. As i was mentioned earlier, I really appreciate your past efforts, Now contact the bank and send them your full address so that they can post the
Card to you try to send me an email as soon as you receive the money and also remember to use the funds wisely and help others also.

TELEPHONE; +221 70 95 79 288
THE AMOUNT IN ATM CARD :...... $350,000.00

Best Regards,
From Susana Stephen.