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Ich bin 35 Jahre alt aus Türkei und suche einen jetzig Deutche Mann!
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Hello Cornelius. I am glad to see again your answer and yours a photo =). You look well, but I would like to see you more. Send to me still a photo, Ok?
I m fine, but it would be desirable, that it would be better. I do not know, whether you know, but on Friday when I went home from work, I have felt pushes in the earth, on arrival home, TV have informed, that was earthquakes with magnitude almost in 7 points. Earthquakes were mentioned by 4 countries, Syria, Armenia, Georgia and my country. More often pushes were in province Malatya and pushes proceeded for yesterday s mornings. Malatya is in 620 km from my village, but nevertheless we felt these pushes. The most sad, that nearby 35 persons were lost!!! = (. You represent? = (. As it is sad... Cornelius, tell to me, you have cataclysms?
What occurs to the world? Australia burns, animals perish!!! In Arabian the Emirates, snow has dropped out... You know about these news??? Certainly, all these news demand attention, but I would not like to talk today about it... Well?
Danke, that has answered me my questions and has told more about itself. It was pleasant to me to read about you, and about your life. I thank you! =). I will tell to you at once, that I already had such acquaintance, but it was sad experience... Today I would like to tell about myself that you can learn me even better more in detail. As I to write you earlier my name Sukru. My age of 35 years, my birthday in April. My nationality Assyriers, very ancient nationality, religion for our people is Christianity. For all time of existence my nationality, the genocide and destruction from the party Arabs, the Kurd, and other people always were exposed. When there was a First World War, destruction Assyries in Ottoman empire has begun. At first tried to destroy the man s population which resistance can show. Including called in Turkish army Assyries. After that mass destructions of women and children have begun. Many women to abduct, other women to marry aggressors and by that the history of different nationalities has begun. Our people have been practically exterminated also the earth have been grasped by Kurds. It is very difficult to me to tell about it, after all last history causes in me a pain from such actions. My nationality to go through huge tragedies and unfortunately my parents too could not avoid it. = (. My daddy was Assyries, and mum the Greek woman. In our country it is a lot of people of the mixed blood. In your country it is a lot of people mixed blood? How the man and the woman at which different nationality concern marriages?
What to me to tell? Probably, it is interesting to you where I live? Now I live in village under name Cukurca, with mine the aunt and its children, my cousins. Children at me are not present and at present I lonely, but earlier I was in relations with the man. It was for a long time and we have left it. I to disperse From the former man about 4 years ago. But I to tell about it to you later if it will be interesting to you. Have agreed?
On what I have stopped? Ah, yes! My village is not far from border Syria and for you probably not a secret, that in Syria there is a war between Kurds. But, today I also would not like to talk about it.
Cornelius, I to send you a photo my village, on it you can see my house. I have led round my house around... =). From 6 years I live in the house with the aunt. It brought up me and always cared that I was trained. I wrote to you earlier, that my parents to perish. Therefore, my aunt has replaced to me my parents, and it to educate me and good education. I studied in university Hakkari, as faculty of foreign languages. I to study German and English language. My educational language at university was English, but in parallel I studied German language so to me English language is closer a little. =)
After the termination study, I to go for work as the assistant the guide for tourists. It was good work, and it liked me. But probably you know, that some time back our country began to have bad relations with other countries of Europe, and also Russia and the USA. Also, military men Turkey to begin the conflict to Syria and many tourists to cease to visit our country. Therefore to me other work was necessary to search to itself and now I to work in sphere of housing-and-municipal services. I to work here about 3 years. I work with the population, I to accept the demand, and the complaint from the population of mine a province. Here in Turkey it is very difficult to find good work, and I should go to city Hakkari. You know such city? Hakkari, it is "capital" of my region. Hakkari is at 1,5 o clock driving from my village, My village is at a foot of mountains and there practically there is no good communication and the Internet. Therefore I to write you letters with mine works, but not looking that in my village there is no communication and there is no house computer, I have phone which supports the Internet and has camera so for me will not be a problem, to give you my phone number for easier dialogue but as I wrote in the first letter, let s start be on friendly terms gradually. =). At first we learn each other under letters, then we will meet in Skype for acknowledgement of ours identification and already then, we will exchange phone numbers and we will communicate in easier way. Have agreed? Probably, you can notice, that I too cautious... Yes, I cautious and on it am the reasons. In the letter beginning, said to you, that I already had an acquaintance experience through the Internet and it has ended is sad. In the world there are different women and different men, is kind, is malicious, is cultural, is uneducated, and unfortunately, I communicated in the bad man. At first it was good, and then I have seen its present essence, but today not about it. I hope, what you understand me?!!!
I think, that for today this the information will be enough what to understand who I and as I live! I hope to you it was not boring to read my letter and you like to learn me more. If you, that that interests, do not hesitate, set questions and I will necessarily answer them!!! =)
I hope, that you will answer me! I wish you good mood, and fine day. Yours faithfully, Sukru!