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Hello Good Day,Friend hope you are good today.
Good Day and how are you doing today in health Family and Business. hope that all is moving so well?.i am Barrister Benson Dankwa Legal Aid Lawyer From Accra Ghana.i was the former Personal Adviser to the former president of Ghana in the person of Former President John Evans Attah Mills.the reason i connected with you is because i will like you do this business with me.though that my message to you will be surprised to you since you don t know me in Person, but is with a good mind that I am contacting you for good business proposal of risk free, that will benefit you and I, in Good way if probably handle . Now this is the business I want you to do with me; I will like you to work with me to receive the Sum of 44.2 million dollars that was deposited by my late client, who died some few years ago. This man I am talking about was working here with a road construction Company Before is death.the man i am talking about is a United State Origin but spend most of his Life in Manchester City In that was the reason i contact you for this, it happen that I am his personal Lawyer. This man deposited this money in a Security Company as a Family Hidden treasure here in Ghana, and since this man died I have been looking for any way I can get in contact with any of his family member who can stand to claim this box, but I have not seen any one, so I myself have been going for the released of this fund from the The Security Company, and finally the Security Company have agreed to released the box, but the only problem I am having now is that I am looking for somebody who is not living here in Ghana that I will direct this box to received it, so all I am asking from you is to stand as the beneficiary of this Box, so that I can make the arrangement with the Security Company so that this box will be deliver to you in your country. So tell me if you are willing to work with me. You just reply me, and I want you to know that there is nothing like risk in this deal i am talking about because i have all the legal documents for this transaction prove.Only just stand and be honest with me and received this Box.i will give you 20 Percent of the total im waiting to hear From you
Benson Eric Darkor