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How are you doing today, I hope you and your family are fine?
This is sgtJennifer Alexander that contacted you some time ago about the consignment box transfer deal, I m happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from France through XL Logistics Courier Service Company
I did not forget your effort and attempt to help me in receiving the Trunk box in your country even though it was not successful
I have decided to compensate you with $180,000 US dollar (one hundred and eighty thousand US dollar) for your effort in try to help me. I appreciate your effort very much.
Now you have to contact XL Logistics Courier Service Company and Instruct them how to send the Drafted check to you

Contact person: Mr. john chris robert
Tel : +221-706955634

presently I am in Iraq because of the the recent attack on US personnel by the Quds and ISIS groups but will be Travelling to France Immediately I complete my resignation process.
finally, I have told them about you and also forwarded instruction to them on your behalf to receive the cheque, so feel free to get in touch with XL Logistics Courier Service Company now and they will send the cheque to you without any delay
write me immediately you receive the check