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Greeting my Beloved,

How are you today? I m writing you with joy from my heart, base on my Packaged fund which you tried to assist me save there in your country i want to say thanks, Am sorry for haven t contacted with you for a long time.
So I write to inform you that i get a partner from BANGLADESH in ASIA,that help me keep the fund safe, now i am in Dubai with my partner where we live now for investment,I did not forget your past effort to assist me in getting the fund safe for me,although i couldn t make it with you because you don t have money to assist me ,but am happy for you, So for the fact that you try to help me save the fund there, I deposited a draft cheque of ($125.000.00)(One Hundred and twenty Five Thousand US Dollars) on your name in the bank ,with file no.KTU/9023118308/04 to UBA Bank for Africa and they have credited it into ATM VISA CARD to send to you.

Am given the money to you as a compensation from my heart just manage it, I believe it will help you for something doing, God is great he saved and preserved me from all danger when i was in camp Dakar Senegal , I thank God for saving my life, my dear celebrate with me God is great, You are to contact UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (UBA) bank in Senegal, as they have agreed to transfer your fund through ATM VISA CARD and they will send the card to you. please Feel free to contact United Bank For Africa (UBA)



Contact them to received your ATM VISA CARD,there immediately.tell the bank miss Jenifer rumor, is the one that ask you to contact this bank for your ATM VISA card,with the card you can withdraw the money from any ATM machine there in your country or any where in the world. God bless you. Miss Jenifer rumor