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Hello my love Mulder

How are you, hope you will remember me once again is me Dora from Australia,may be i will explain more of me if you forget me
let me here from you
My Dear Janiek

if you do not remember me you are right because it have been a long time, i am into tourism i do visit countries in the world ,well check out my photos attachment to see whom i am.

Wait for you lovely respond

Dear Dora,

it is a pity, that I didn t remember you. Such a pretty Lady like you is
unforgetable, I guess. I know your lovely face very well, but I can t
put the name Dora to this face. So I wonder a little bit.

So it must be long ago that we have had contact. Do you remember in
which time it was?

Normally I didn t forget important things and situation. Perhaps I will
be old and my brain is going down. :-)

I am not only remembering your face, also your lovely big breast.
Perhaps you have some nude pictures for me. I can t remember that you
send me some. I will like the shape of your breasts and your nippels.

In which countries you wear in the nearer pasttime?

Take good care of yourself, sweetie.
My Dear Janiek

your message is received, well since you cant remember me again let forget it i think that has been pas,t but we have meet together and chat before maybe years ago because you are the one that give me your contact your email telephone number but i lost your number, i have been in Germany before which i lasted about 2 months before i left but presently i have visited Austria , Holland, Denmark, Thailand, but i will fly down to Africa Togo this Sunday even from there i will visit Benin, and Ghana that for my tourism works.HO dear i can see you like nude pictures i will send you some later but before that i will know your thought toward me i will love to see your full pictures with your face OH dear you have a very nice dick i wish i am there with you to suck it because i love sucking dick, If i may asked, are you married?,for me i am single 32 old i joyed traveling so much i love to know more about you i mean what you like and what you don t like

expect to hear from you

Dora kiss.
Dear Dora,

still I am wondering, but I think you are right. We shall forget the
past time and look to the nowtime and the future. It is a pity, that you
stay in Germany and we didn t meet. :-)

No, honey, I am not married and there are no kids. I am a normal man and
, yes, I like nude pictures very well, because I think that Ladies a
natural art and I like the shape from the bodies. It is right, not any
body is for fun to see, some bodies are fat, but also fat bodies have
their charme, I think. But you are the real art. Slender, but with big
breasts at all. You must be proud of it, I guess. I also like your nice
smile and your eyes. I am very curious, if you really will send me some
nude pictures. :-)

I hope you will like the man, who you will see on the attached pictures.
So I say, I am normal, but I have humor and a good soul. I am a very
social thinking human and for me all people are all over the world are
the same. I hate this thinking in colours of skin and hair.

What is your job during you traveling through the countries? Do you
seeking for good hotels and holiday parks?

Tell me more about this, please.

Have a nice evening, Dora.
Kisses from Janiek
Honey Janiek

Yes my dear, We shall forget the past time and look to the now time and the future as you said, i received your pics with luge, you said you have not married to this age why? don t you want to marry? or is any other thing behind it ? as i told i have luge photo but don t like given them out most especially some body i am not all that close with but just because i have already promised you that i will send 3 of it to proof you my reality

yes i travel almost all over the country under our tourism courier services delivery and recovery as i told you before i will move from here this evening to be in Togo tomorrow been Sunday for a board official meeting of our company,

but if you wish that i should visit to your country Germany for us to meet face to face that will be personal arrangement between us which you will take care of the cost of my trip down to your country.

Open the attachment to see my 3 pics luge and please do not expose it as you know is my personal

Dora for you.
Dear Dora,

I knew, that I will see gorgeous breast. :-) Mmmmh, I like really what I
saw and I want to do this compliment to you: you are so pretty and

Thank you for sharing this pictures to me.

In the past time I put all my energy and power into my job. So there was
not enough time to build up a couples life and a family with serious
background. I was young and I want to have a good and sure job.

Now I have this good job for a long time, but my seeking for a good and
serious Lady here in Germany wasn t lucky. So I have to wait with many
patience for finding this Lady, who will life with me together and who
will be honest and true to me. That is the reason, why I am not married
in past time.

Now I am in my second halftime of life and I want to have all the good
things about living together and have some kids perhaps.

And I know, if I seek around the world and want someone come to visit me
in Germany I must help about the costs for coming here. I am not a rich
man, but I know that a good invest in future is needed. So, if you
really want to come here, please, checkout what is needed and tell it to
me. In case you come, but you or I or we both decide not to come
together as couple you have had a nice holiday. There is no matter, that
I will have back the money. This is for sure!

I love your style and shape very well. And I think, I also will like the
human. I want to touch, smell and taste you. :-) This is my longing in
my phantasie. Perhaps we can make it true and then we can decide
together about our future.

Have a nice day, Dora, and enjoy your stay in Togo. Perhaps you will
tell me something about this.

Kisses to you
My Honey Janiek

Honey, thank you very much for your compliment, OK Honey now i understand why you have not married till this moment i where thinking you are one of the men who doesn t want having families, because such men are in responsible to me , am really really happy that you are not one of them not only that with all your explanation am now believing that i have getting a man of my dream i have seen a proposals from men for marriage but i have not seen any proof from them that they are my right man, but seeing you on pictures and words you wrote to me give me the sign and courage that you are my right man in my life, Honey for the little i know you and your words i most confess that i love your style too and we have to pray to God for his wish to be done in our relationship according to our wish.

As you know i arrived Togo yesterday morning and proceed immediately in the board meeting which ended this afternoon, on the conclusion of the meeting i was appointed with another lady from Malaysia to took affairs of our new Ghana Branch temporally for 5 months only before they will employ qualified permanent staffs to handle the new branch office.

As you said earlier, to visit you in your country depend on your wish and preparation since you promised to take care of the cost from Ghana here to your country Germany because my leave will start from first week in September , I have only one month leave, if possible let me take this one month leave to visit your country to enable us know more of our selves.

However i and my colleague from Malaysia will be leaving Togo to Ghana tomorrow morning to examine the new office also will be leaving in evening from Ghana to our countries and pick up few of our things then back to Ghana on Friday evening to resume office as we where instructed by our chief executive DIRECTOR .

So Honey check this month of September of my leave if it will be convenient for you for my trip to your county then you let me know so that once i came back from my country to Ghana on Friday i will check my requirements cost of my trip to your country and send to you.

Get back to me and have a nice day
cheers -Dora.
Dear Dora,

I missed your mail yesterday really. So I am very happy, that you wrote
to me now.

I think you do good as do must do it. Please tell me the costs on
Friday, so I can see what I can do.

I hope you feeling fine and enjoy your traveling. You are like a bird,
flying around from here to there. :-)

So you know what you have to do after your arrival in Ghana. Take good
care of you, honey, and I hope the pilot will do a good job.

Good night, Dora, and I hope to read from you tomorrow.
My Sweet heart Janiek

First of all i must asked for your good health ,which is much important to me, I read your message and understood it all , Yes there is one western union bank office in my vicinity around here in Accra Ghana where i am.

As you demand attachment is my international passport copy to send the money to, and once you send the money kindly forward to me the payment information s to enable me pick it up from here,

Honey if you can make it today to send the money ,it will enable me to start processing my needed documents on Monday so that withing one week time every documents needed will be out for my trip to Germany.

check out the attachment to view my passport.

Awaiting to hear from you

Dora loves you.
Dear Dora,

thank you very much about my health. I feel fine, very fine, and I am
good in health this time.

I must make a compliment to you. You do your job very well in our little
project "Dora goes Germany" and I see that you are a profi in organisation.

Today in Germany there is no chance to go to bank, because all is
closed. So I will transfer the money online via Western Union to you.
For that I need your full name (Dora Watson, ok, I know it) and your
full address. It is needed to fill out the transfer information of the
receiver. Your attached copy of passport I have and can upload it with
my transfer details to Western Union.

So I can see it I only need your address and then I can do my job.

But I have to go outside for now and I ll be back in afternoon. Perhaps
I can do the transfer in evening, but I don t know if you can go to bank
today. Otherwise to go on Monday and starting after that your jobs further.

So please reply to me soon and I can handle it here today. :-)

Have a nice day, my darling, and I keep on waiting to hold you in my arms.

Kisses to you
My sweet heart Janiek

Please sorry for not replying to you earlier is due to i wasn t around since morning after my last mail to you, i went to the office to arrange few things in other as you know my leave will start on Wednesday ,just this evening i came back and checked on my laptop to see your message. Here is my full address; No-210 tantra hill Achimota Accra-Ghana

Awaiting to hear from you


Dora loves you.
Oh Honey how do you mean by i sent you faked
passport? what make you to feel that my passport is faked

i will like you explain me about this if you really sure on what you are talking about because this the passport used for 4 past years with out complains from any country immigration why only you?

OH dear just tell me that you have no money, then i will help you for money ok stop claiming what you are not, you are noting but common poor man, just look at your self, You need realy women to marry why cant you choose a woman from your country maybe is because of your bad and on trusted life make no woman from your country marry you.

Good day
bye and bye for ever.