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Hello Valentin !
My dear Valentin Sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier because I had a problem with my email
Unfortunately I can’t access my Email!
Today I created a new Email address so that I can write you a letter!
My dear Valentin I ask you to write to me at my new Email address:
I hope you will write me a letter soon!

Hello Valentin !!!!

My dear Valentin I am happy, to read your letter!
My dear Valentin I will write this letter to you on business!
My dear Valentin I ask to read this letter attentively!
My dear Valentin at us in Russia the Number infected COVID-19 in Russia has exceeded 1850 persons!
My dear Valentin I wish to tell to you that in connection with big our work close quantity of the people infected in Russia on Quarantine on 14 days!
My dear Valentin as you know that I do not have personal computer all letters I write to you from the working computer!
My dear Valentin as in connection with Epidemic COVID-19 on all to the world that At us to work have made Quarantine for 14 days!
As now I do not have possibility to write you with Working computer that me to have to write to you of the letter from my familiar Girlfriend as she to me has allowed to use its computer!!!
Now as soon as I have a free time I go to the acquaintance to check up e-mail and to write you the letter!
My dear Valentin but I wish to tell to you that it is very problematic to go to the girlfriend every day to write you letters!
As my Girlfriend lives very far and to me to have to reach it to write you the letter very difficultly!
My dear Valentin if I had a good Smart phone with the Internet that to me it was not necessary to go to my girlfriend and we could write letters every day and without problems to communicate on WhatsApp!
My dear Valentin unfortunately I do not have money to buy the good Smart phone with an exit in the Internet!
My dear Valentin I would like to ask your help to buy the Smart phone!
My dear Valentin if you have a possibility to send to me of 300 dollars? That I could buy the good Smart phone that I could write you letters every day and communicate on WhatsApp!
My dear Valentin I understand that it very ugly and suspiciously for my part, to ask from you the monetary help!
My dear Valentin I very much wish to continue further with you to communicate and write you letters!
My dear Valentin I wish to tell to you that you became for me more than simply friend!
My dear Valentin Yes, certainly, I you never saw in live, but my soul completely belongs to you! My thoughts only about you!
I now every minute, every second think of you, about us, about our future.
My dear Valentin I dream to be with you, to be only your woman. Unique and favourite, desired!
My dear Valentin You the fine man, you dream of all my life. I never thought, that a meeting of such surprising person!
Now all my time, all my thoughts are occupied by you and our dialogue!
My dear Valentin You have already entered into my life, and I will always remember you that does not happen.
My dear Valentin Now I simply do not represent the further life without your presence, we should not miss this chance which was given to us by the god.
As it can be all unique chance in our life!
My dear Valentin I speak it to you, my unique both kindest and understanding man in the world!
My dear Valentin Know, that somewhere in the world, it is far from you, in cold Russia there is a girl with hot heart which does not see the further life without You and very much appreciates!

C respect in your thoughts MARIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!