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Hello charming man. My name is Stasya. I dream to get acquainted to a man. I m a little bit confused about how to begin this letter... I m 32 y.o. I have brown eyes. I m playful and easy going girl, but I m single. I was given your contact in my town s marriage agency. I m seeking a true relationship only. I wish to come across a genuine man, who knows how to be the one. I will send you a photo of me and you will decide if you like me. If you are inclined to getting to know me better, reply me. I hope will continue our correspondence. I live in Russia. I hope this is not a problem in 21 century. We can meet in future. If this is problem just ignore my letter. Wish you a great day and a good mood. I ll be anticipating for your answer with a photo of you attached.

If you are interested in me Please answer ONLY to my personal email:

Sincerely, Anastasyulka,
Howdy Josef! I m just thrilled you wrote me. Hopefully you may find the time to
message me more, so we can learn each other even more. Thank you for your
picture. You are a very good looking man! About thirty days back I registered to
the dating service plan "New Hope". I paid these people 500 rubles and they gave
me your email address. Rubles is our money. 500 rubles is around 10 US dollars.
I didn t message you for pretty much a month. I doubted if I was ready to look
for a partner for a romance. But at this point I made the decision to write to u
and learn more information regarding you. I tryed to get more details regarding
you in this service, but they ve been already been closed for pretty much 2
weeks. Yet I m just thankful that these people gave me a proper email address of
yours. They could ve fool me and give me a incorrect one. These people did not
mention on which site they had your email. I hope that this is not an issue. As
well as I do not care about ten dollars, due to the fact it s a small price tag
for a new friendship or anything far more. That online dating site offered me 2
more emails aside from yours. I wrote to them the other day also. But all they
wanted was my bare shots. So I did not respond to their emails and also removed
their addresses. I am hoping that you ll be not like them and we can start a
good friendship. To me this is the first experience of internet dating. I do not
know exactly where to get started. I m Anastasiya. But my friends call me
Stasya. So call me Stasya please. I am 32 years of age. My b-day is on November
12, 1987. I live life in Russia. I reside in city called Tver. It s a silent
tiny town in the region called Tverskaya oblast, Russia. Just ask and I will
inform you regarding my town more. Tell me about your own location please. The
distance in our time doesn t actually make any difference. You may get anywhere
on the globe by plane in a few hrs. So i m single and never been engaged. My
very last connection completed a year ago. I don t have any children. My mama
and pappa live in the exact same town in twenty minutes of walk from me. I have
no brothers or siblings. I will inform you in relation to my family members
later. I work in a makeup retail store. I am sorry if I usually do not respond
right away. It is because that I do not have a laptop or computer at home, I
message you from work. Now i m preserving income for a computer and will
purchase it within a month. Then I can compose more often! About guy I am in
search of. My man should be kind, intriguing, and comfy with him self,
understanding, smart, and confident. Someone who loves to laugh and is fun!!
Someone to be a supporter, partner, and especially, in between us must be mutual
admire, and mutual help and support. We will be compatible and truly feel very
comfy with each other. I really do not know what else to talk about. Tell me
more about yourself. Exactly what are you usually do for fun? What are you doing
in your free time? Perhaps little regarding your job. I really wish this is the
beginning of a wonderful relationship and much more! All romances begin with a
friendly relationship. I wish that you are serious about the starting of this
friendship. I do not want to be an alternative option, and so forth. I don t
have time for games. Do not spend my and your time if you do not wish to have a
truly serious relationship in the close future. I send out you my photos. I
really hope you ll enjoy all of them. I will look forward to your e-mail. Have a
superb day.

Your friend Stasya.