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I’m Rose Guzman Donna, I was born on February 8, 1949, in
Jackson,Wyoming, us, residence of Teton village, Wyoming. from Newport,Jackson county, Arkansas united states, married to Guzman Donna owner of Wal-Mart, subsequently my husband have invested in oil and gas industries in most of west Africa countries before he met his untimely death on June 27, 2005,my husband Guzman Donna died on June
27, 2005, when the cgs hawk arrow home-built ultra light aircraft (registered as an "experimental aircraft" under faa regulations) that he was piloting crashed in Jackson, Wyoming. He was born on October 8, 1946.

I Rose Guzman owns 50.8% of the Wal-Mart ownership and 96% shares Ownership for arvest bank. i also holds 30% of the ownership for first Solar, a solar energy company.

It has been my dream to create an appropriate channel to reach out to the society through a well-articulated philanthropic avenue that will enhance the living standard of a particular segment of our societies who are at the receiving end of government negligence and irresponsible leadership in many nation today where children and women are the most vulnerable to deceases, child abuse and many social vices In our world today. Really it is pathetic to see widows and children in Such an ugly situations in their due to my present health challenges i could not wait any longer to have it done by my very self.

After much emotional reflections on how best to give back to the society and having prayed over it often time i came to this conclusion to contact you for a fund belonging (to my late husband and myself) the sum of $13.5 million which my late husband deposited in a bank in Togo West Africa before his death .and until my husband s death we were married for many years without a child, now the doctors have confirmed to me that i will not live more than few months from now since i am presently sick in a hospital of cancer of the lungs and this is why i have to take this bold step of donating the fund to you, i want you to use this fund to help the less privileges in anywhere in the world of your choice.

As soon as you receive the fund from the bank you are required to take 10% for any expenses that will arise in the cause of transferring the fund to you as my beneficiary and 20% for your effort then the remaining 70% will be use for charity works. Please, i do not need any telephone conversation for now in respect of my doctor s advice and because of the presence of my husband s relatives around me always even here in the hospital and i do not want them to know anything about the existence of this fund because i do not want my husband s money to be misused without using it for the purpose as i have instructed.

So, to enable you receive the fund from the bank where it is presently deposited, you should contact my family lawyer, Maitre Kouevi Adade Remy through his e-mail address: ( ) or ( ) through his telephone number:00228-9857-7277
that he will guide on how to receive the fund and if you have any question,you can ask him for he knows everything about this fund, why am saying this is because of my bad health condition.

May god blessed you.
Mrs Rose Guzman Donna.
I sent you a message do you receive it?

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