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Hello dearie ,
longest time dear, I have not forgotten you, remember when i told you i
left you 350,000.00 dollars dollars? the money was kept in the bank because
you were unable to receive it and i have been very busy all this while with
school and charity work as well,i have been traveling from place to place.
The bank contacted me about the unclaimed funds but since i have already
kept it for you, i think it would be nice if you received the money
Finally, so i informed the bank and told them to credit the total money of
350,000.00 dollars into a prepaid card (ATM DEBIT CARD) and send it to you
through courier.

Now is the right time for you to claim and receive your money, please
contact the bank with their email and ask them to send your money to you.
this is the bank s contact email address (, you
can contact them immediately for confirmation, they will not demand any
money from you because every bank fees the bank needed has been settled,
let me know if they request money from you, do you understand? contact
them and tell them you need your compensation money left for you by Lisa
William , make sure you include this reference number (A8065B400) in your
email to them so that they can easily verify you.

The bank fees has been paid like i said, i am giving you assurance that
this time, you will receive your money, let me know as soon as you receive
your money okay? have a blessed day