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Hi Peter,This is blkdoll7 on AFF ,i have attached pics of me so you know what i look like now,how are you doing.i would love to have a chat with you sometime soon,get to know you and see where that lead us..are you on yahoo messenger?

Hello Peter,

Is always nice to hear from you..i think i love reading from you and to tell you what your English is just as perfect as it can get..That is a bunch of stuffs you said in one email and i appreciate that,i am not that much of a talker in emails but i will try to do that same.

About my self...

I am Annietta,you can call me Annie for short.I am an African and i was born in Tamale Ghana in the western part of Africa.I am 5 7 tall and about 120 pounds,have long curves black hair and brown ears..I am in to tourist...I run a family company that do in tourism and i get to travel a lot most of the time to new places and meet new people i do i think is not going to be hard for us to meet in Germany if things work out for us..
I think i like everything said about you and i don t also smoke,drink or gamble,i have a Christal clear life and i look healthy with it.

with the kind of man i am looking for,i am not the type of lady that date all kinda men,i am usually picky with the kinda men i date cos i am the type that l know what i want in a man,i like a quite and calm man,someone that know how it feels to be loved and want to always love back.i want a man that is ready to love me ,care for me treat melike a lady and a man that is employed someone that can take care of things we both need,cos i am a hard working lady and my man should be hard working too and should be able to surprise me with gifts..

I love a lot of sex in my relationship and that is the reason why i joined the site in the first place..I want a man that is ready to have a sex life in a relationship,if you are this type of man like you say i am ready to move and come stay with you in Germany,i want to have kids too...I have never been married and i don t have any kids now but would love to have some in future...

I like your pics Peter and thanks for sharing them with me,and i assure you that i would love to get to know more about you cos i want to make this our chat thing work into a good relationship,i have a belief that we are not in contact just becos we met from the dating site but it was meant to know everything happen for a reason...i am on yahoo messenger with this same email address and you can call me anytime on my cell phone to if you are able to...

let me hear from you soon and we see what we can get together with to make our conversation a good one...